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Personal Thoughts on TNA IMPACT!

Being a wrestling fan, I behooves me to say something about the TNA game. Now the IRL show is a hilarious train wreck. But it use to be good, until about 2007 I really liked it. It was innovative and different, but now it's become a sad...


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Hello boys, girls, and robots. The name is Anthony Girardi, aspiring game designer and programmer, currently jobless but I keep hustling. I graduated Full Sail University in 2007 in their Game Development program. I love fighting games, any RPG that doesn't have MMO in front of it, most fps that aren't Halo, and Destructoid. I've been reading the site since the early days, just haven't been big on the c-blog because I suck at blogging. As per not gaming stuff, I'm a big wrestling fan, hockey, mma, golf, and a little bit of paintballing. Just here to have fun. By the way you can just call me Toine, all my friends do, the el is only for formal occasions and enemies.