DeS: Dota 2's challenge tokens are frustrating loyal players

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Okay, so El Guapo said to himself that his last post was going to be the last bitchy post because the internets are already too full of that crap. But HOLY SHIT, Sony just sent me a broken PS3 to replace my broken PS3. Honestly, how fucking...


Microsoft and Sony take turns sodomizing El Guapo

Okay, this is getting so ridiculous I'm almost laughing. So with my PS3 still waiting for its coffin to arrive via UPS I have been playing me some 360. Not having purchased an original Xbox I decided to try out Fable for a measly 1200 point...


Would you say I have a plethora of failed consoles?

Look at me, Iím a statistical improbability. But instead of winning the lottery or some other fun shit, I have bricked three consoles. Iíve seen the RROD twice and now Iím down a PS3. What the hell? Before you go and say some shit like ití...



In an ill-advised fit of extravagance I recently bought a PSP. I won't go into the reasons because they were really stupid, but suffice it to say I wanted to own as many of the current systems as possible and was too damned impatient to try...


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