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Finding a "REAL" Champion

So back in the old days my friends and I played an unhealthy amount of Tecmo Bowl. At one point we decided to hold a tournament to determine who our true Tecmo Bowl Champion was. Yours truly won the first annual Tecmo Bowl tournament and ...


Is this immature?

So my brother and I are waiting around in the laundromat, finishing up the last bit of laundry when our eyes glaze over a Donkey Kong machine. Like most men in our situation we quickly asked our wives for a few quarters to use the dryers, ...


My 8-bit Wedding Cake

Hello Dtoid Community! Thought for my first post I'd share some pictures of my wedding from a week ago. While 90% of the wedding was your traditional, elegant affair we did manage to put our own little twist on the cake. My wife wanted a cu...


About EightBitRobone of us since 1:34 PM on 03.22.2010

Hello, world! My name is Rob and I have been an avid gamer for over 20+ years. The 8 and 16-bit era's were definitely my favorite point in time for gaming, but that's not to say I haven't enjoyed a stroll through Rapture or blasting the locust horde on some occasions.

I have been a 360 owner since launch day and am currently on my 2nd Xbox. (R.I.P 12/24/08 launch day Xbox-yes red ringed the day before Christmas). I have also recently acquired a Playstation 3 which I am quite impressed with.

As one might guess I am a big fan of retro games and especially the big N, with Super Metroid quite possibly being the greatest game ever made in the history of anything.