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Why I Hate Mass Effect 3ís Ending

*SPOILERS, Massive, sad-face making SPOILERS BELOW* By my rough estimate, Iíve poured 105 hours into the Mass Effect series. The very vast majority of that time has been excellent, an incomparable journey that masterfully introduced a u...


An Analysis of Uncharted 3 - For my Bliz App!

Just thought I'd share something I wrote up for a job application. It's mostly cause Naughty Dog is amazing and Nathan Drake is so dreamy. At its core, the Uncharted series is a third person shooter that relies heavily on cover based mecha...


Predictions: The END of the WORLD... in RPGs!

Forgive me for tacking on the Mayan humbo jumbo, I just can't help myself at times. But I do believe there's a point buried behind my popular culture posturing. While perusing the upcoming releases for 2012, I noticed quite a number of exce...


Resolutions: Don't Be A Hobo

That doesn't exactly sound like a lofty goal, now does it? And yet for a college Senior nearing The End, there's no greater fear. I could blame the American education system or the bacchanalian festivities of my peers or even my own lacka...


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