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Anyone else excited for Nioh 2's first DLC releasing today?


Well this is a shitshow, Amazon just pulled the No Game No Life light novels from the Kindle store. I suspected shit was gonna go down when they banned the Hatsune Miku toys over concerns of "promoting child exploitation" and this confirms it.


PSA: GOG is giving the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy free. Go grab it.


PSA: GOG sale's current giveaway is Hitman Absolution, just in case anyone's interested.


Soooo, seems Florida Man got himself a sidekick


Anyone else notice something odd in these screencaps?


PSA: The Nioh 2 Final Chance demo is go, I repeat, the Nioh 2 Final Chance demo is go. Link in the comments, get it!


Does anyone know when the Nioh 2 demo will be available on the PSN? I've been checking the store almost every couple of hours the last days and I've seen nothing yet. Did I miss something or it's not out yet?


I find this kind of masterful trolling much superior than any boycott: https://www.warcraft3refunded.com/


The EGS revealed their next free game and it's actually 3, one of them being Pandemic. I think Epic is trying to be trendy.


Merry Cursedmas, ya filthy animals.


Another one because a) it's baby Yoda and b) I lost it with this one


Here's a funny pic to cheer up while disqus unborks itself.


Can anyone confirm if Jedi Fallen Order and Control are DRM free (and no additional launchers) on the Epic Store? details in the comments.


PSA: GOG's winter sale is go, I repeat, GOG's winter sale is go.


I don't do usually do this but this one hit a bit close to home for me. If you have a couple of bucks to spare and are willing to help please consider the gofundme I'll put in the comments. Thank you and God bless.


PSA: If anyone is interested in the Bakemonogatari light novels then the Humble Store just dropped a bundle for almost all of them for $20


So Blizzard has confirmed Diablo IV is an always online game. Guess well be seeing this meme a second time around.


So I'm considering a video card upgrade and after some research the best budget option is a Radeon RX 570, has anyone had experience with this card? would it be better to spend some more and get the RX 580?


After 5 years and basically giving up on PC gaming over an unsolvable technical issue I managed to fix it and now I can game on it again. The first thing to try on it? Bloodstained!


Sega just announced Yakuza 7!


So I really don't care about the film but is anyone else very scaroused with Dark Rei in Ep IX?


As someone that loves the original PvZ but despises how EA has treated the IP, this rings so true.


Maybe it's my intense disgust for the Epic Store as well as sites like Kotaku and Polygon but this take really made me go "Hmmmmm"


Seems we can breath in relief a little, Jim says he would give Bloodstained a 10 (if he still gave scores).


I'm debating whether to get Spider-man for $20 or the Deluxe edition for $30. The regular price for the 3 DLCs is $30 but if they're not worth it I'd rather save the $10 for something else. Any thoughts Dtoid? should I go for it or just the base game?


I can actually believe Kojima pulling this off on us, I'm not even kidding.


It's so sad how accurate this piece is. It can easily be a Scroll of Truth meme


So I just spotted Bloodstained's listing over at GOG. Weird how exited that made me considering I haven't been able to play it at all and that it releases in June.


Seeing the recent news about another unreleased indie game going Epic Store exclusive I have a feeling Epic will become one of the main reasons for the death of crowdfunded games.


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