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Symphogear Sunday: AXZ Summary

In spite of heavy opposition originating from Canada, Symphogear Sunday has persevered. Being the resident fanboy of Senki Zesshou Symphogear, I decided to walk in the steps of the great Nekekur and write down my feelings on the ...


Traveller In Playtime - Kya Dark Lineage

Kya Dark Lineage is one of three PS2 platformers that I consider overlooked by many. The others being Scaler and Legend of Kay. It stars the titular Kya on her quest to save her brother and the native population of a magical world from...


The Bloodborne Dictionary

With the possibility of my PS+ not getting renewed next year, I thought it was high time to write down the Bloodborne message dictionary. It´s a fun representation of the game as a whole and deserves to be preserved. The game use...


10 Hot Tips To Tame Your Backlog

Man, I've always wanted to write a clickbait listicle. It's so liberating. As it stands, I'm rather happy with my gaming backlog. It's at 80% completion with 88 games to go at this point in time. Marred by the majority of them being JR...


Traveller In Playtime - God Hand

With my bitch-series on the Souls-games put on the shelf, I've freed up a slot in my blog schedule for something new. I intend for this to be a anthology review-series of sorts, requiring very little, if any experience between parts. I...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls 3 [3/3]!

One met the salt with bitching. But in the end, learned his bitching was fruitless.The world began with salt, and with salt will it end.Dost not this ring clear and true?Fear not the salt my friend.And let the bitching begin. Random Cr...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls 3 [2/3]!

Dark Souls 3. Salty bitching. ”http://conniptions.gives/”. Appropriate background music. Let's goooooooooooooooooooo!   Worthless Crap Continued Even in DS2, where spacing actually mattered, Soul Shower was bare...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls 3 [1/3]!

Yes, indeed. It is called Saltric, where the transitory lands of the Lords of Sodiu... You know what? NO. I have a whole damn page of topics on shit that's wrong with Dark Souls 3 and have to get through it all before I'm free from thi...


The Demon's Souls Dictionary

[Note: Because the spam filter hates me and the word coXXosion, I had to turn a paragraph of this blog into an image.] Among the many, many, many, many things that separates the Souls-games from the common RPG, the online aspects are p...


Let's Bitch About Bloodborne [2/3]!

We are born of the salt, made men by the salt, undone by the salt. Our shakers are yet to open. Fear the old salt. By the mods, fear it.   When we last left off, I was in the middle of screaming coherently about all of the unfair ...


Let's Bitch About Bloodborne [1/3]!

Ooh, what's that smell... The sweet salt, ooh, it sings to me! It's enough to make a man sick. You know how I said I wouldn't bitch about Bloodborne? I lied. The fates have conspired with me and granted me access to this most legendar...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls 2 [2/2]!

  Perhaps you've read it, maybe in a dream. A murky and forgotten blog. A place where salt can mend your ailing mind. Not long ago, in a walled off land far to the north, a great man once wrote a great blog. I believe they called ...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls 2 [1/2]!

 Ahh, the Souls-games. Paragons of true craftmanship lauded for their clever design, lore and finely tuned difficulty. They are my favorite RPGs made in the western style and could be considered perfect. But nothing in this world ...


Let's Bitch About Dark Souls!

Ahh, the Souls-games. Paragons of true craftmanship lauded for their clever design, lore and finely tuned difficulty. They are my favorite RPGs made in the western style and could be considered perfect. But every rose has its thorns an...


About Edgelord Kerrik52one of us since 3:12 AM on 02.28.2016

Greetings, one and all. I'm known as Kerrik52 around these parts and I think I'm pretty swell, for a Swedish dude.

I love all games, except the bad ones. I play games when possible, thinking I'll eventually break into heaven. I'm currently studying computer science.

I have written some blogs here exploring old games by From Software with more to come later. Not to mention my salty bitch series on the Souls-games.

I also have a little Youtube channel bearing my name that mostly contains videos related to my blogs.

I some games I love are:

Dark Souls
God Hand
Resident Evil 4
Tales of Eternia
Kingdom Hearts
Jak & Daxter
King's Field
Devil May Cry
Legacy of Kain
Shadow Hearts
Shin Megami Tensei
Legend of Heroes
Ape Escape

I have a very low standard for movies, but I have some favorites. These include:

The Secret Life of Walter Witty
Pooh's Grand Adventure
Scott Pilgrim VS the World

The last TV shows I watched were House, Mythbusters and Fringe.

Anime on the other hand, is something I watch often. I like:

Gonna Be the Twintail
Black Rock Shooter
Fist of the Northstar

I don't read very much anymore, but I like Asimov and Lovecraft.

Music-wise I'm an apostle of Dio and the German power metal scene. Other favorites include:

Gamma Ray
Iron Savior
Freedom Call
Axel Rudi Pell

Go ahead and share a piece of your world with me and I'll pay back in kind. Don't be deterred if I answer you in a wall of text though. I despise unfulfilling writing and will do all it takes to make my points.