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I made a papercraft Castle Crasher

Thanks to D-toider Danmartigan pointing the way, I downloaded this dude's Castle Crasher papercraft template. Considering he created it from scratch based only on a photo of someone else's template, he did a pretty good job. Putting ...


My WoW Figure Print Arrived!!

A couple posts ago I talked about being notified on winning the monthly Figure Print lottery. Several weeks later, my figure has arrived! I think he looks sweet and to me is distinctly "my" character that I associate most with playing...


The Art of Force Unleashed

The Art and Making of Star Wars: Force Unleashed W. Haden Blackman, Brett Rector Insight Editions I love Star Wars, videogames, art, and especially art books. After several years of mediocre results in the Star Wars videogame arena...


I got a WoW Figure Print!

Holy Crapxors! Okay, I got the opportunity to get my Figure Print. When Figure Prints were announced, I thought it was crazy cool, a way to have some physical evidence to represent all that virtual time spent playing World of Warcraft...


Videogames Live: Austin

Last nite I went to Videogames Live at the Long Center in Austin. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was sure I'd enjoy it-- and I did, it was a great time. Funny thing was my friend who came with said it was the geekiest thing he'd e...


Deoxys: Aquired!

Even though I was out of town last weekend, I diiiiiid still make my way to a Gamestop to get Deoxys! It was not much of an "event," you just walked in and I asked the uninterested sales clerk (surprise) if it was Pokémon...


Rondo of Swords

Has anyone checked out Rondo of Swords? (Not to be confused with Brawndo of Swords, with Electrolytes)  It's a turn based strategy with a rather unique combat system. You use the stylus to draw out your character's attack path ov...


Nintendo Pokémon Event: Darkrai!

It's a rare thing that gets me up before twelve on a Saturday morning. A Pokémon event is one of those things. Today at Toys R Us (and tomorrow 6/1 at most stores) thye offered a special Mystery Gift via Nintendo Wi-Fi to get t...


If you love it, change it: Pokémon

I have a lot of favorite games. I hate having to answer the question, "So what's your favorite game?" It's just too narrow a question to such a broad subject. But if I had to, a relatively encompassing answer for me would be Poké...


Damn you, St. Mystere

Do you like solving puzzles? Or perhaps free time to do other things of import? Be it known that Professor Layton and the Curious Village holds these two actions in high conflict. What is one to do? I do enjoy brainteasers and their ...


Airport Extreme and Nintendo DS WiFi

Something that has bothered me for a long time was that I could never get my DS to connect to my home wireless network, via Airport Extreme. The issue is with the newer model Extremes that operate at 802.11n and the DS's very picky DNS an...


My Pixel, My Mistress

A little Darwin Cooke, for the hell of it: I'm sure many people can instruct you how to make one of these little animated gif slideshows, in fact he will tell you it's easy. It is easy, especially if you have Image Ready (which is a rob...


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Videogames are a big part of my life. I've been playing and making videogames just about since there was such a thing to be done. My favorite games are RPGs, Fighters, and action adventures, and the rest of that list is a long one indeed. Currently I make games for Rumblecade.

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