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Podtoid Scenario Out of Context: Skeleton Warrior

(I can only apologize in advance for this...) A room lies ahead of you. On the door, a sign reads 'do not enter'. Nosy, belligerent fucker you are, you open it anyway... Inside the dull, filthy room, a balding man is kneeling on the floo...


Why the hell do I still like Sonic the Hedgehog?

Other than the brief dabble in handheld titles on a long travel, I can't say I've played with the spiny blue bastard recently. Maybe I'm jaded. Perhaps Sonic 4, despite being Sega going all-out, 'old school cool', wasn't quite enough. Cou...


Why EA is one step behind the Steam train

Braid. Angry Birds. Limbo. What does each of these titles share in common? Seeing as many recent ‘underdog’ hits of late have been downloads, it would be understandable to believe that there may be something more to this ‘digital distr...


Half-Life Three: Why Such The Long Wait?

Eight years since the advent of Half-Left 2 and not even a whisper of a Half-Life 3 release has been heard. Since the debut of the highly anticipated Half-Life remake Black Mesa is set to eclipse it this month, one does have to wildly sp...


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