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Steamtoid Conversations 2010.6.13

I am on a super sugar rush right now I don't even know why the fuck I'm posting this but I will anyway. So, yeah, Destructoid has a Steam group. If you don't know what Steam is, fucking Google it, 12-year-old. Here is a random ass conversat...


From Korea with Love: Combat Arms

Oh, God. Well, here we go... Downloads game So I open it up to install it an- What is this? Combat Arms DOWNLOADER? I HAVE TO FUCKING DOWNLOAD A DOWNLOADER TO INSTALL THE GAME? I fucking hate you Nexon. Well, finally, after 30 - 6...


A Birthday Toast...

How can I say "Happy Birthday!" Though I've been here but 5 months? I'm not poetic. Epic pictures are hard to come by. I baked you a cake but I eated it. What could I possible give that hasn't been given before? A stripper in the cake i...



I'm mainly making this specifically to piss off the Recap people that want my kind off of the Earth. So yeah. I'm doing shit until Sunday. So get ready to get your minds blown on Sunday. [vague hint] [/vague hint] 2010.3.14! BE THERE!


Something About Sex: Meh...

Before I begin, let me just say that I AM THE EXACT TYPE OF PERSON THAT EVERYBODY ON DESTRUCTOID THINKS IS MOST LIKELY GOING TO FALL INTO THE SO-CALLED "SEX-TRAP." I am a 14-year-old, hormonal teenager who is socially awkward and has very l...



So, the future? It's important, right? I mean, the game industry is dying and we will have no other way to entertain ourselves if it does? What about awards? Those are important, right? When will we now what a good game is if we didn'...


Casual Gamers are a Myth

Hello. I want to try something today that isn't so spontaneous and random like last time. I'm sure it will completely fail, but I'll give it a shot. And if anyone has seen that Wal-Mart ad, the one where the father is all like "I'm gettin...



Everyone knows that no matter where you go, books, movies, games, the villains are complete evil. They need to be improved, because I said so. I took a nice little STFUAJPG break for a while, so now I get to complain about it today! I mean,...


It's a small world after all... (Short & NVGR)

I was reading across the forums when I read this in the Meet & Greet section, on a thread by Psychomax: "As a final note, when I was 9 I made a $100 bet with my dad that when I got my driver's license, Pokemon would still be popular. I won...


My Big Entrance!

So, apparently, everyone wants an intro post, so here it is. To start off with, my very first video game was Madden '97 for the PSX, (Samit Sarkar, you are welcome). I was about 4-years old when I would play the game for a couple of quick ...


More Games Need to be Based Off of Literature

Short and sweet: There aren't enough videogames based off of books You could say that the movie of a book counts, but I'm talking about a real labor of love from the developer's part, not some cheap cash-in. And if any ambitious team of vi...


Playing with a New Toy: Deus Ex in Multiplayer

Deus Ex is widely considered to be a huge staple in the evolution and design of PC games during that time period. Back when Eidos didn't rely on a out-of-proportion raider of tombs to rake in the revenue, Eidos was the mastermind behind som...


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Systems I own:
Nintendo 64
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Some stuff about me:
To start off with, my very first video game was Madden '97 for the PSX, (Samit Sarkar, you are welcome). I was about 4-years old when I would play the game for a couple of quick matches with my Dad. Everything interested me. To the way I could press triangle when I made a touchdown (which happened rarely, thanks to my lacking gaming skills), to running towards my endzone just to see what would happen. Also, it was fun to play with someone and have that interaction. Other than that, I had a Super Demo disc, that contained different demos of about 100 different games, and watching my Dad play Duke Nukem and Unreal Tournament. I also got my first Game Boy, and my first game: Space Invaders.

Well, when I was five, I was sent to a foster home by Child Protection Services. At the foster home, my love for video games grew even stronger. It was there I was introduced to the NES, Super NES, and N64. Of course, being 5 years old, the part of Mario 64 where the Princess Peach picture turns into Bowser sacred the ever-living shit out of me, but I was fine with Turok and other "bloody" games.

I also was introduced to the platformer and the RPG there. Some girls that helped with the foster home would occasionally bring the SNES out and we would play Super Mario World or Final Fantasy with me. I also went to other houses with people and I would get even more exposure to the PC world of gaming.

At around 6 years-old, I started to live with my new parents, who I love and appreciate. However, coming here was a big shock for me. Though my new brother had an N64, and we played Goldeneye like nothing else, my parents weren't too convinced about video games.

Until very recently, I was the socially awkward kid who had trouble making friends at school and fitting in. As a result of this, I got a GameCube and played a lot of single-player games. Favorites include Super Mario Sunshine and OMG IT'S POKEMON! Because I didn't do very well in the social aspect of school, my parents grew even more apprehensive than ever. And then the final nail in the coffin was hammered:

I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but to my parents, they were rushing for answers and support groups. and of course, every therapist I talked to believed video games were the cause. I didn't believe it. I got my video games put away for a half year! But all that came to pass and many struggles later, I got everything back.

After that fiasco, I met my first friend, united by a shared love of video games. He let me borrow 2 games: Counter-Strike and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. The Twin Snakes was the best. So many great moments. Gameplay I've never even experienced before. And Psycho Mantis. He shook my conscious like a baby shakes a rattle.

Counter-Strike was by far my oddest experience. Here I was, not even in my teens yet, and I'm getting subjected to constant homophobic threats, racism, and cuss words, all placed upon a background of guns and blood. I think that was what ruined my innocence.

Yet, through the discovery of Counter-Strike, I also discovered the internet. How amazing it was! So many games! So much to learn! And all the time in the world to do it! It changed my life.

So, recently, I've been reconnecting with the games I knew from my childhood: Duke Nukem, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros. I just want to know what is was like when I was young and ignorant. I think I still have that old copy of Space Inavders.

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SUMMARY: I am a varied and exploratory gamer. I'm a male high schooler. I was born with a controller in my hand. I actually know shit about games. Yes, I still love Pokemon.