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EUFNF November 4th - No Russian 2

Apparently a child is blown up during a cutscene in Modern Warfare 3, good thing every other aspect of the game will be top tier quality! Except it won't be, and yet it will still be the best selling game of the year. Fuck people. Ti...


EUFNF October 28th - Battlefield Free Edition

At the end of the day, we Europeans are a poor bunch and can only afford one video game a year because of the cold winters and Scrooge's pricey rooms. Battlefield 3 may have released here on this very day, but only those who still have a...


EUFNF October 21st - Arkham Edition

Arkham City came out this week. It has Batman in it. GOTY. That aside, it is Friday night. That means those ordinary citizens of that remote continent must don their crime fighting outfits and kill each other online, because they're the ...


EUFNF October 14th - Hedgehog Edition

EUFNF has a new blogging account, but sadly it is still the same annoying people. Still annoyingly, the video embedding is still absent from the blogs so I can't link a video of a Hedgehog. I'm sorry. Play games with us instead! Ti...


About EUFNFone of us since 12:04 PM on 10.12.2011

This was the blog for European/early Friday Night Fights. If you were European or simply loved hearing European accents then this would have been a thing you might have liked or not.

EUFNF, like all FNFs, started each week on the forums. I should explain, Destructoid had forums and they were great. Nothing else compares. You could get involved by making friends on the forums, posting on blog/front-page posts and then playing some damn games.

It never worked.

EUFNF was one of the three original FNF groups, 360 FNF and PS3 FNF were run on American times and were full of awesome people. Shit's changed.