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Dirt Rally and Initial D music is basically perfection.


You know I just woke up, but the Konami news has me thinking otherwise...


Just a reminder that Guile's Theme in SFV is fantastic.


Skillfully and perfectly executed my way to Super Bronze in SFV with only the finest panic mashing. Today was a good day.


Well finally bit the bullet on the HTC Vive. May is going to be exciting besides the whole completely empty wallet part.


Every Streetfighter V post I read says Nash is supposed to be a heavy rushdown and combo character with terrible defense, but I always win with defense when I play him. Weird stuff. Granted I only have like 460 LP so there is that.


Have a good one everyone. May you enjoy bountiful carbs and fats this Super Bowl Day.


Glad I can support the site again with HUGE since my life is mostly back in order. Curious though if anyone knows what happened to the Merch Shop for the site.


Man you guys really love Waffles huh?


Ah yes the Internet a wonderful tool but best used for trolling with students as a Professor. After all Noon on Sunday is a perfectly logical time to make something due right.


By the way lads we've made some progress in our sleuthing over at ye olde Steam Winter Sale Detectives Reddit on the ARG. If anyone wants a steam badge of a Red Herring go to Ikaruga on steam in your web browser and do the password trick and enter 1v7531


These Valve standards for getting a game on Steam are getting preeeeety darn low.


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