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Why the 3DS is so very important . . . to me.

Portable gaming has had a stigma of inequality to console gaming since its inception. That evalutation is not unfounded. Small things that fit in your pocket just can't be expected to be as powerful or immersive as big things that connect t...


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Dynamo Joe is the coolest military-use mecha to not come out of Japan. However, it is a fictional character from a bankrupt comic company, and therefore not me. Did you read my username? If you did, I just lied to you. But that's OK, because I like video games. I especially like retro gaming, which (embarrasingly) means playing games from my childhood that I'm too old to play. My reflexes have slowed and I am filled with a white-hot unholy rage by them, but the warm glow of nostolgia inebriates my twitching ego and I keep playing. Actually what I am 'playing' is the childhood I never had where my family could afford such experiences and I am a well-fed ten-year-old playing Double Dragon with a loving father and a big dumb-ass smile on my face.

Of course, I could still be lying.

No, no dude! I'm not. For real.

This is me: Action, adventure, RPG, 2D(ish) fighters, platformers, arcade racers, occasional puzzles and anything unique, artsy or japanesey. And Batman. And robots. And green. I like green.

. . .

Now I want a green Batman robot.