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So this weeks Dr Who was better than last weeks but boy did they miss a trick by showing off the monsters faces. I mean they could have made a really scary villain but instead they showed the creatures faces right away.


So APB reloaded on PS4 is bad, so bad Jim Sterling should be doing a Jimpression to mock how bad it is. For those who want to see bad well this is how bad it gets


I just beat someone so badly in Drawn to Death I felt the need to send them an apology after it. This isn't even some kind of brag I genuinely feel bad and like it's the kind of stomping that would drive someone away from the game


People who go in a party into a solo free for all then work as a team to make sure one of them wins are fucking scum. Especially when there's only 4 players in the free for all.


Microsoft: "We can't actually improve the assets of the game or make it look better other than upscaling, we can however add Microtransactions and Paid DLC, enjoy gamers"


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