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"OMG FIRST FEMALE DR WHO" people on the internet yell. I'm sitting here like "Pffhhh they've made Dr Who female before it just wasn't cannon"


Sod it, Bass isn't the only one who can do this. Have a poll which will decide my next C-blog


Presently got a case of "the sads" after finishing Beyond Eyes. I saw the ending coming but it still hit.


I got a notification saying I had a match on Tinder. Seconds later I got one saying I had a message. I went to check and they'd unmatched themselves it seems and deleted their message. Dunno what happened there I think I spooked em


Unlocked yet another killer in Slayaway Camp. This one I think people might recognise


Why do I feel like I should now attach a Brazzers logo to this picture just to complete it?


I would just like to apologise for introducing Communicord to the Inspirobot and causing it to spread from there to the Qposts


I saw the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle trailer.......... holy crap it looks like it could be the best film playing off the idea of video games for a long time. Also looks perfect for a Telltale tie in game lol


Very Tempted to apply for the Dtoid Internship thing. And to make my application truly stand out I shall use my email address lol


Dr Who this week in a single image pretty much. I've not seen the show go this dark for a long time


A bit late but here's my E3 report Card


I did it last night. I uninstalled Clash Royale. I'm done with it. I'm done with the salt it causes and I'm done with Supercells joke that they call game balance.


Petition Enthusiast Gaming to make Torchman's Waifu choice no longer shit


#OhUbisoft ......... realising that South Park Stick of Truth doesn't have Steam Cloud Save so I've lost all my progress. Ubisoft, you are real dicks.


What you likely didn't notice in the E3 trailers


Microsoft: Hey our new Console displays things in 4K you want 4K right. Consumer: I don't have a 4K TV but you know what I might get one, now who sells one....... Oh cool Sony do 4K TVs Microsoft: Damn it why didn't we push 60FPS!!!!!!!


The Dot Hack GU games never got release in the UK and Europe. However they might be getting a PS4 / PC remake which Hopefully will come out. Though I can't read it this may confirm it. It's apparently from Famitsu


Just going to say this. We've seen one CGI trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 before. We've seen 1 gameplay thing for it. I'm going to hold back getting hyped til this time it's out on store shelves in case it vanishes again


Literally stumbled upon an article claiming "The bodies of female characters in games like Dead Or Alive Extreme 3 are psychologically harmful to children"....... it's like DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND AGE RATINGS EVEN NOW? Oh and 0 research actually shown


And this is why the UK elections will always be more enjoyable than the USA ones. Yes that really is a person in an Elmo costume. Yes they really were standing to be an elected official. This is why more independents are a good thing.


I did come here today to get a break from Politics. Then I ran into Politics. You know what they say, when in Rome and all that.......


It's election Day in the UK. Vote for the one party that makes sense


For my E3 predictions this year I shall be using the ancient technique of Rumpology.


So I found the 4th Truth in Stories the Path of Destinies after ending up accidentally letting another character summon an Old God into existence and destroying time itself. Then I got the true ending. Gotta say the true ending was maybe a B-


Two more runs of Stories the Path of Destines. I took a 1 in 128 gamble and accidentally blew up the universe and I tried to give peace a chance only to discover that enlightenment doesn't protect you very well from swords.


I've started playing Stories the Path of Destiny. First ending I got was a Hero who follows his heart. And I paid for it (spoilers in the comments)


Oh come on people are actually mad about Kathy Griffin holding up a fake severed head of Donald Trump? Prudish easily offended Americans you really need to get on the level of us Brits because we all know the joke should have been about Stump fucking


It's not often I get to say this but I was right on something. The story of what happened during Mass Effect Andromeda's development did turn out to be the bigger story


I have a feeling I done a bad thing. I've had two indie developers start following me on Twitter today. This only happens when I've done something controversial. I now await the coming storm.


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