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I'm terrible sometimes. EA = "Women did serve in World War II so you get to play as a woman in Battlefield V because it's for fun." My brain = "A grisly bear served in World War II as well, he even had a military rank, so can I play as a grisly bear?"


So I've just noticed this. I'd even say the Voice is based somewhat on Tracer


Well I'm finally putting out that C-blog on video game violence, you know yet another one. Here's an image I used long ago that I'm not using this time but I still like to pull out just because it's hilarious this really happened


HUM∀NS series 3 has started in the UK. It's based on the Swedish show Real Humans. For those who didn't know about this show, well it should give you an idea where David Cage took some of the ideas for Detroit Become Human from


For fuckings years "Stop getting worked up no-one is coming to take your video games away, no-one wants to take your video games away" And then what happens? Yeh I TOLD YOU SO. I SAID THIS IS WHERE WE WOULD GO AND BTW ITS GOING TO GET WORSE.


So I apparently annoyed the enemy team so much they set up an elaborate trap just to get some revenge on me. 2 of them decided to hunt me down while 2 more waited back at our spawn lol


Just to put the minds of any English readers at ease. We had Mother's day months ago, don't panic you've not missed something and haven't screwed up, unless you forgot months ago in which case you have some serious apologising to do.


Apparently APB Reloaded has a new owner in the company Little Orbit. I mean they can hardly make the game worse than the last time I played it lol


New SOPA Box C-blog will be out in about 2 hours from now, thanks to me scheduling it. This week I'm getting angry at a rather counter-intuitive thing AAA companies do with their advertising budgets.


So apparently Raging Justice is finally coming out this year. You know the funny thing? I actually have had it as almost a running joke I mentioned it in my 2015 & 2017 E3 predictions. [Links to them in the comments to prove it]


Ok, I think I've found the potential surprise hit of 2018


Watched Star Trek Beyond earlier. When people said it was so much better than the previous two I didn't believe them and ignored it. It is so much better and I feel bad for ignoring it know it did badly. Also can we have more Jaylah in Star Trek pls?


I'd just like to be one of the first to welcome Zero Punctuation to Destructoid. Unless that isn't what's about to happen in which case forget it


I forgot until the other day that Into the Badlands is back for season 3


So I'm working on a C-blog. Can people please give me names of multiplayer games that are basically dead or almost dead now?


Kinda would like to see a review of Monster Prom on Dtoid cause it looks neat.


To any-one who thinks I'm right wing.......... I took this Yesturday. Sure it's not the best indicator but should probably tell you something.


Forgot to post about the Monthly Murderer for April for a certain game I keep telling every-one to play


BTW for those who didn't know Anita Sarkeesian is planing a come back to video games.


Every-one's had the Spambot go after then except me it seems. I kinda feel left out lol


Scumbag Kotaku content ID claimed a small youtubers lets play because of course they did.


God of War prediction / possible spoiler in the comments


The more I play Questr the more I love how much it sometimes screws you over even if it's just a screwing you over a little. The party ran into a Siren, I thought it'd be fine as I had a woman halfling on the team. She was Bi and thus not immune to sirens


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