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Pitchforditous spreads to indie developer


Remember a few months ago when I wrote a blog here in neutral ground as such about a lot of drama going on around an XBLIG title I reviewed along with others and a certain bit of reaction from the developer.

Well as it turns out the drama hasnít ended yet and As Pitchford did to Sterling now OíReagan has done to Indie Gamer Chick.

To catch those up on what happened
Developer makes game
Reviewer reviews it and gives it poor write up including a serious glitch (one I didnít experience, but said reviewer did)
Developer rather than being a little upset his game has a bug and saying they will have to look into it, said developer calls the reviewer a liar.
Over days more reviews for the game pour in, all negative.
Developer then proceeds to call all reviewers so far crackheads
Developer then fills reviewers comments with less than savoury replies.
Developer then changes box art for game in some kind of act of defiance against reviewer.
I decide to pull my review as I donít endorse this behaviour and believe even the minor exposure of my very small site is giving by hosting a review is too much now as it seems Iím endorsing this developer and their actions.
Developer sets out to release new updates and patches to the game

Youíre now caught up with the basics. So since then the developer has been submitting new version approvals to the app hub to be released on XBLIG and update the title as such, essentially the XBLIG version of patching. During the approval process which is peer reviewed as such a developer reported a code 4 error also since the first issue another reviewer ran into the same code 4 brought up initially.
Well it exploded again. Indie Gamer Chick asked for an apology for being called a liar, what follows is the resultant conversations.

Thatís right you just read that, a developer is refusing to apologise for calling someone a liar until a slating review of their game is removed. For those who want to read that slating review here it is [click me]. The developer later goes on to claim heís had plenty of useful feedback and doesnít need the feedback from certain reviews as itís not useful to him. You thought Randy Pitchfords reactions to Jim sterling over Aliens Colon Myopathy was bad well here in the XBLIG weíve now got our own version and Iím not sure which one is worse now.

Look I've dealt with annoyed developers before. There was Milkstone studios on about their game Avatar Farm claiming I was wrong because they were getting sales from it. Though somewhere in that studio something sunk in as they released a better version of the game with online multiplayer. I even had a little debate with the creators of Minecraft in space clone Xenominer which was possibly the most enjoyable argument I've been in as it was a case of both of us almost goading the other to rage, very professionally done on both sides. I hold no ill feeling towards either of those developers because hey its the industry and there is a reason I have the tag line "Shamelessly unprofessional reviews" as I'll happily acknowledge my view might not be that of everyone else and acknowledge my review is jut my opinion, however much weight people think it holds is up to them.

However I do take objection to people going quite as far as being shown here.
Claiming someone is unprofessional = passable (At least least to me it is as I wear that claim)
Claiming someone is a bad gamer = passable if a little annoying as sure not everyone is MLG but thats part of gaming
Claiming someone is telling lies or mentally unstable and should seek medical help = yeh you crossed the line a way back on that one.

So anyone have any ideas how to treat Pitchforditious ?
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