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The SOPA Box: Valve is right


So Steam decided it's not their job to decide what should and shouldn't be on the storefront. Some people are upset about that.

Now I'll admit the flood of asset flips onto the store is something I'd like to see dealt with and I will say it's disappointing that Valve hasn't chosen to try and differentiate a games content from its quality.

However this move by Valve is in my eyes a good move, and a response to a lot of pressure it's and gaming as a whole seems to have been getting. It's not like Valve was actually dealing with the problem of asset flips anyway. It's not as though suddenly out of nowhere the Steam store will suddenly fill with crap, it's been seeing asset flips and crap fill the new releases for a while.

What should be celebrated, and I find it funny it's not, is that Valve have decided not to play moral arbiter anymore. Just for the sheer fact I can list a number of recent games people or groups have celebrated the potential removal of or called for them to be removed from stores, be they digital or physical. Oh and these aren't just random twitter users these are people who have a platform (not necessarily in gaming) Or did have enough sway to cause change or potentially cause it.

Doom (2016)
Super Seducer
GTA V which saw the call to ban it hot on the heels of the successful campaign against Target
Minecraft (yes I know it's not on Steam)
Kindred Spirits
Feminazi the triggering
Boobs on Island
President Pig
The Witcher 3
Mass Effect Andromeda (yes again I know not on Steam)
Shower with your Dad simulator

And this is not including groups who formed on social media to say games shouldn't be allowed or should stop being sold. I'm not endorsing these games, some of them are absolute turds by the looks of them. They do have a right to exist though as does content I would find abhorrent.

This policy could also do tremendous good too by allowing good games that probably should have a place in the industry (even if they're not to my personal taste I can see the good they'd do) such as the titles of a certain developer called Robert Yang. Now before I link to his work I should warn you it's NSFW (NSFW link to his Ichi.io page). He also holds the unfortunate dubious honour of his games being banned from being streamed on Twitch due to their content. This content isn't illegal, it was just risqué, maybe more so than the normal content of most other games on Steam. Robert Yang can now see his games on Steam and that should be a good thing.

It should be a good thing that Valve has decided to stand up to people who want to play Moral arbiter because who gets to say what content should and shouldn't be allowed in a game? You? Me? These pieces of rotting smegma?

For everyone yelling "What about this hateful game that's horrible" I say what about the games that we wouldn't see on Steam? What about the strange, wonderful or bizarre games this will allow? The games some are upset about. Most wouldn't be noticed if we didn't presently live in an age where finding the next thing to drum up clicks and views with some good old moral indignation hadn't become popular yet again.  

To those worried about the possible content and going "OMG people will make hate filled content and stick it on Steam" I have to say and? You don't have to buy it. Valves aim is to make it so you likely won't even run into the really shitty games, you'll actually have to look through to find them. If you go looking for repugnant content you can find it anywhere it's not hard. It's not just Steam that has content people would likely quite rightfully find offensive. I mean even Amazon has some content that would likely be found quite repugnant even to me, don't believe me?

With your Amazon Prime subscription you can happily view a documentary about what it's like to be in the KKK. That's real? You know what though? I'm not going to watch it, I have no desire to learn about said hate mongers or their repugnant ideas. You can likewise find plenty of things to be disgusted by in the Amazon Kindle store if you go looking.

So what makes Steam so special?

If you look back up and check the link I gave for Super Seducer you can see the problem here. The perceived ability of people to get Valve to pull one thing just inspires people to push for other things they don't like to be removed.

It's not Steam's job to stop you finding something you don't like. Oh and while we're on that subject can garms jurnalzists please realise that pointing out said objectionable content only vastly increases it's visibility and the probability that it will offend people. If the idea is people merely seeing this content is somehow going to harm them for life or cause great distress, then maybe plastering articles about it across websites is also going to do that harm to people, if that is you're argument and not simply a way to try and pretend you're not also doing it for easy outrage clicks. The developers are doing it for easy outrage publicity. If you're so strongly against them then maybe it's time you took a stand and stopped making their advertising method appear far more effective than most others? Dtoid has had indie developers as of late so desperate for exposure they were sending free codes to C-bloggers they're so attention starved while we have whatever controversial title of the bloody week plastered over multiple sites. Oh but I guess talking about indie games doesn't give you the nice money and clicks and SEO juice that covering the big controversy will give you right?

It was in the year 2010 that the remake of Splatterhouse was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 and according to Yahtzee of the Escapist the games was almost quaint. According to the Official Xbox 360 magazine

Almost cute to see a game try so hard to offend people, as though people in this day and age are so backwards to be up in arms over a piece of media.

If Splatterhouse (2010) released today I can't help but think about the uproar and number of articles being typed about how awful it is and how it's harming people etc etc. This is how far the line has gone and you know what.

Thank Goodness Valve has decided to draw a line itself now.
This has been the Sopa Box, thank you for reading and remember when the time comes, THE REVOLUTION WILL BE LIVESTREAMED

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