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The Mass Effect Andromeda debacle.


So with Mass Effect Andromeda nearly out it's becoming more and more apparent that well it's a bit of a shit show. Places have criticised it for: poor writing: dumbing large ammounts of exposition on the player; poor facial animator; poor walking animation; generally poor cutscenes / issues visible in the cutscenes; poor customisation options.

At this stage the bigger story might well not be the game itself but the stories that come out in the future from the studio but I thought it worth digging into what's known so far and what's happened.

So lets start with the most recent thing involving a facial animator (for the purposes of making absolutely sure the animator in question doesn't get any additional shit screen captures will be used instead of direct links, however Direct links do exist and can be provided if required though as I said I'm not providing them by default lest I be accused of furthering this maddnes).

Most of this madness when a blogger called Ethan Ralph posted a piece on his blog about some-one identifying themselves as the lead facial animator. (I'm not linking the Ralphs blog he's a scumbag and before people say anything he's such a Scumbag link to his site must be archives only on Kotaku in Action, you know the Gamergate subreddit.) The article was misleading in parts citing part of her work "I hate men" which For anyone who bothered to watch the Vimeo show reel said animator had put together they'd know in context it was the title of a short animation with a middle aged woman moanig about middle aged men. It also suggested she got the roles by lets jsut say skills outside the standard skillset. 

Some on the internet being mad because they really liked Mass Effect and the internet at present loving a witch hunt they took 2 bit Gizmodo clone Ralph at his word and decided to direct their ire towards her.

Bioware then put out this statement.

Journalists picked up on this and well for some they're understanding of it is that everything bad on the internet must be Gamergate. So Polygon blamed Gamergate. Kotaku is a surprising show of I dunno sense decided to actually blame internet trolls. (Oh and for those of you so desperate to blame Gamergate here's a thread on Kotaku in Action denouncing what's going on)

Oh and because it needs to be clear I'm not condoning any negative actions taken towards any of the people in question I mention in this Cblog.

Here's where it gets weird.

You see evidence suggest that someone lied or is lieing 

The person in question did identify themselves as the lead facial animator on their twitter account as the following images shows

She also appeared on a twitch show called Nerdy Bartender where she was again identified as the lead facial animator (Her name is not said in the link and she is only identified as the lead facial animator).

So someone lied.

Either she lied about her position (which some people do) and this lie has come back to bite her hard or Bioware either lied to her about the position she had or lied on twitter. In the end it seems something weird has gone on.

The more important thing worth taking from this mess is the fact the animator in question only started at EA in 2016

So yeh it suggests either Mass Effect Andromeda has only had animators working on it for a year or some of the team left and new people had to pick up the slack at short notice which can and does impact products; just see The Hobbit films or Duke Nukem Forever. 

Now the other twist is it's been suggested than the Bioware statement refers to Manveer Heir who has recently started his own studio after being let go. He mostly came to peoples attention because of well lets say some unconventional views. Here's some of them:

I think that about illustrates his less conventional views don't you?

However you'd think this is the end of this debacle well it's actually not you see another lesser known piece of information is that while the name on the box says Bioware it actually by the newes Bioware studio Bioware Montreal which was a studio formed in 2009 amd contained under the Bioware developer name.

Either way, unconventional views from team members, seemingly people brought in late to development and a studio that hasn't had the series before seemingly. It may well turn out that the bigger story is he chaos of a troubled development that we'll have coming in the future. That is when the people have had their fun laughing at the silly bugs etc.

Who knows maybe down the line Mass Effect Andromeda will be fixed but yeh the story will likely be the drama surrounding it for a long time especially if stories of a rough development emerge.

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