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Master Click Baiter: The big Number 2


So yeh second one of these.

For anyone new to this I create a number of totally fake sensationalist headlines from site that are entirely legally distinct from existing websites that report on video gaming from time to time. All in an attempt to try and predict what some of the more stupid future pieces we'll see come from real games journalism outlets

Oh and before anyone says anything yes I do know there's a Porygon Twitter account I didn't copy the idea from there as I didn't know about it before doing the first one of these.

I felt someone would likely use the sales figures difference between BOTW and Horizon Zero Dawn as some great proof Nintendo should have bowed to the whole "Make Link a girl" thing but also I know how certain sites really are idiots when it comes to video games and merely want to use them to push their ideas. Add to this some idiots on twitter not realising Zelda is female and the male lead is Link. Well this one had to be done.

See now clearly I know this one isn't realistically going to happen. Anita doesn't realise there are Japanese game developers other than Nintendo. 

Kinda surprised this hasn't happened yet really as you'd think combining Trump and the Nintendo Switch somehow would be a big money spinner for company but well they've steered clear so far.

Finally one I suspect might actually possibly happen soon and more accusations of writers not being paid by a certain site seem to be appearing and well. It would just make sense to at least try and blame Gamergate.

Oh and one final note: There was going to be one titled "The Nintendo switch doesn't work if you try to dock it in your bum". But then Jed did a piece about sticking a Joycon up there and I thought there wasn't really much was I'd top the comedy value of that being a real article.


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