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Dunsparce4Prez: Opposition Pokemans Party

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Dunsparce's gaming habits

I've owned 5 consoles. NES, Genesis, N64, GCN, and PS1. I don't remember playing much on the NES...I remember Bubble Bobble, the Marios of course, and...Pinball...uhhh and Lolo? Was that something? That's all. I played all the Sonics o...


About Dunsparce4prezone of us since 2:10 AM on 12.01.2006

Fanboy for GAMES. Ex-pokemans. 360, PS3, Wii-U. Saving up for XB1. So anyway that's me. What am I playing now? Terraria off and on, Destiny off and on. Eh. Waiting for something to grab my attention.