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Rocks the 80s only goes up to 10.

I just picked up Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s today, and played through it in one sitting. It's an odd duck, being simultaneously easier and harder than GH2. Easier in the sense that I played straight through without failing a song, a...


Sonic's Losing It

I'm sorry, but this is dumb. As awesome as it is that they finally put Mario and Sonic in a game together, to try and convince people that Mario could actually keep up with Sonic in a footrace is ridiculous. Hell, Knuckles and Tails could b...


The Next Big City-Builder

Like probably a lot of you, Iíve always considered the SimCity franchise one of the classic series in gaming. All four main installments found a place on my hard drive over the years, along with Rush Hour, the expansion pack to SimCity 4. A...


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