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I bet you thought you would never see this again. I apologise for not getting this sorted at the same time as the other city groups but well, stuff. Anyway, I am here to help inform you of any and all UK events that we happen to be going to or have organised. I hope to get one of those fancy calenders up and running at some point and will get an emailer started fairly soon. When events roll round a forum topic for them will probably arrive too.

If anybody wants an event added to the calender when I do it or to the sidebar of this blog or even just promoted by this account feel free to email dtoiduk [at] and I will attempt to make sure that it all gets sorted

The first event I will be putting info up about is the halloween party. You might say it is too early to be planning this but I was going to throw this anyway and so I thought I might as well tell people now. This way you will have no excuse about not knowing about it. It will happen on the 30th and 31st of October (Friday and Saturday) and like last year it will be in Wolverhampton. More plans shall be revealed closer to the time but those dates and location are pretty much set.

Feel free to use me and abuse me as you wish for events in the UK, I am your slave in that regard. I might even run around diggin up info on sutff you need if you want some help setting something up.
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