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Introducing Dtoid Toronto!

Destructoid Members all over Ontario and even some not in Ontario have given a great response to organizing a Dtoid Toronto user group.

So here you are,
The Masses Have Spoken

Introducing, Destructoid Toronto!

If you want to, please send an email with your dtoid handle, first name, and location to dtoid[email protected] to join the group.

There's a google group e-mail submission form below that you can request membership with aswell, just enter in your email to send a request.

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About DtoidTorontoone of us since 2:30 PM on 11.04.2008

This account is for all of the Toronto area Destructoid members know what is going on, both in the world of Destructoid, and specifically in our hometown. Parties, get-togethers, conventions, industry events, whatever. This blog will keep you updated on what we can look forward to in the Ontario Region.

Dtoid Toronto has a Google Group to keep in touch easier! To join, make your way to our group site and request membership. Please include your real name, Dtoid name, age, and loaction in your request.

Add Dtoid Toronto to your Friends List, so that the events show up in your "New stories from friends' blogs" section rather than getting buried.

Follow us on Twitter! @DtoidTO
Stay tuned for the re-unveiling of the DToid Toronto Google group!

Jealous that you don't live in Toronto? Check out our friends and see if there's a NARP happening near you soon!

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