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DtoidToronto Rises Again!

Dtoiders in Eastern Canada ASSEMBLE!

The Eastern Canadian Dtoid Group, formed and quickly abandoned last year returns, spreading Robot love juice across Eastern Canada! I feel warm and fuzzy dusting off this CBlog to bring our awesome community presence to Toronto. Even if you're outside the GTA, keep us on your radar for news on events and meet-ups, such as FANExpo and monthly meet-ups at Game On. The entire Northeast Seaboard is our danger zone!

The grand re-unveiling of Dtoid Toronto occurs at Game On - Sunday, August 1st. This all ages event is from 1-6pm at the Groove Bar in Toronto. Come game, meet some awesome people, have a couple drinks afterwards, and then a couple more. Loose your pants somewhere! You didn't need them anyways! Corduroy? Ha!

Follow this link to the dorkARMY web page, who sponsor the weekly event, and this link for directions to the Groove Bar. Click this link for a picture of an Englishman in a thong. This link is a kitten.

Your Friend Chooly signing off!

(note: I had incorrectly posted the wrong date for the event. Because. . .well. . .I'm an idiot)
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