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A message from Dtoid New York

Hello, this is a message from the fine folks at Dtoid New York. We want to start planning some great events and gatherings for the near future especially considering that it is the beginning of spring and we are looking for some new members...


The Dtoid NY Group Future Events and Planning

While Dtoid NY does not have too much planned for the immediate future, the one event that many of us are planning to attend is the New York Comic Con at the Javis Center on February 6-8. Dtoiders are coming from other states just for thi...


Dtoid NY's Google Group and Epic Weekend

It has been a while since we did a Dtoid NY blog post, but I have some excellent news. Dtoid NY now has a Google Group. Our many members discuss and plan future events and parties that the members of Dtoid can come to in the tri-state area....


Contest: A day at Shea with Dtoid

Ladies and gentlemen, Dtoid New York is proud to present its first contest. We have 4 tickets to see the New York Metropolitans take on the Texas Rangers on June 15th, this Sunday. Yes, it's also Father's Day. The first three members that...


Events: Wiimbledon

"It's a time-honored maxim that when one door closes, another opens; for proof, look no further than Michael Milken (who parlayed prison time into philanthropy) and Brigitte Nielson (who parlayed Sylvester Stallone into Flavor Flav). As ...


NY Narp Group: Non-S***** Movie Night: Iron Man

As a way to kick off the glorious Destructoid New York NARP group, I'd figure I would ask the people of the Tri-State Area if they would want to see a movie. It is not just any movie that we plan to go and see, it is the summer blockbus...


About DtoidNewYorkone of us since 10:00 PM on 04.23.2008

Hello, this is the Destructoid New York community blog! It will be used for introducing the wonderful members of community events, parties and other happenings in the tri-state area that the community would be interested in taking part in. This is done for and by community members and is not official Destructoid business.

If you wish to be a part of the NY NARP group, please get in contact with us at dtoid.newyork[at]gmail.com.

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