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NARPed-ALP v0.2 almost ready for your NARPsess

Are you the host of awesome NARPs? Want to set up something bigger? Think outside the console?
Read on!

Dear fellow destructoid members.

I'm finally back with some more information on the website EuroNARP 2 is using for organizational purposes. For those who have absolutely no clue what I'm on about, please read my previous post for a first glimpse of what this website thingie is all about.

First off, the name change: I'm (soon! I promise!) releasing the website in the current form - a spin-off from ALP - as NARPed-ALP. I'll be maintaining it for bugs like-so. This implies there will be a brand new version written from the ground up under the name NARPed. More information and requests for comment will come later about that: READ: certainly after euronarp 2 and somewhere before euronarp³.

Added a google map that shows where users are coming from. May facilitate the whole car-pooling process.
Made it possible to have multiple tech requests. This might not be so useful for you, but it was for me.
Added feeds for both news and replies on news items.
Added an irc page and some free java applet for those who can't be bothered to use a real irc client.

Fix the installer system
Fix multi-language-ness
Remove tournament mode (meaningless, I know... it's just a todo)

You WANT it?!
For development of the website, take a peek at http://euronarp.vstone.eu/trac/.
As soon as I feel like the installer has been fixed, I'll be tagging a release and providing packages.
You can already download a svn snapshot right from the svn browser.
Note: This is also where bugs should be filed and requests should be entered.

And for the fun of it, some screenshots!

Image below is: besides resized, an overview of the (google) map with the current attendees for euronarp 2 (those who have set their coordinates really).

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