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Final, Final Reminder About Texas 3rd Anniversary NARP


This is it folks. Destructoid's 3rd anniversary of being The Coolest Website In The World� is on Saturday. But I like you folks, and I want to hang out with you all weekend. That is why the NARP starts on Friday whenever people get here and runs until Sunday whenever I kick you fuckers out of my house. And normally I wouldn't brag about College Station, as it's not really that special, but it's in the middle of the state folks. 2 hours from Austin, 2 hours from Houston, 3 hours from Dallas, it really can't get much more central than that. So, I beg of you (yes, I've resorted to begging now), if you live in Texas, drive to College Station to celebrate the anniversary with us.

You see, as I've sort of hinted at before, there is going to be Stickam cameras set up, which a lot of people around the internet are going to see, which means if Texas makes a poor showing, everyone is going to see it. Right now it's just me, Blehman, and CountingConflict, which means there will just be a live feed of me drinking and crying in the corner while Mike and Conor 69 or some gay shit. Not very impressive. So, again, in the name of Texas, in the name of Dtoid, I beg of you, if you live in Texas, find a way out here. I will get you drunk and we'll play Naked Twister
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