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August NARP in Austin - Schedule of events!


Hey y'all!

Here's a few more details about the upcoming TX NARP to help you make your plans :

Friday, Aug. 20th --

8:00 to ?????

Gathering @ Sean Carey's place for those coming into town early (or already here!) on Friday night. Drinks (leaded and unleaded), snacks, games, and shenanigans will be had!

Sat, Aug. 21st --


Possible trip to Alamo Drafthouse for movie/lunch as a crew to avoid the Texas heat indoors at a bad-ass theater with great food served to you while you watch!

6:00 to 9:00 PM

Retro game tournament for Dtoiders ONLY at Game Over Videogames! Right now it's looking like either a Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64 tourney (possibly both).

Big Money - Big Prizes - I LIKE IT!

Okay, there's no money, but there will be some sweet prizes, ranging from gift certificates for Game Over to random E3 crap I have stashed away. Final prizes will be determined based on how many total entrants we get for this, so make sure you hit up the Tourney thread in the google group to sign up and reserve your spot now! To sign up for the google group and the tourney, send me your gmail address via one of the following convenient methods and I'll get you an invite!

-PM me here on Dtoid
-Find me on XBL, PSN, or Steam (my handle for all 3 is walkyourpath)
-Shoot me an email ([email protected])
-Follow/DM me on Twitter (@walk_your_path)

9:30 to ????

P-A-R-T-Y. Final location is still being determined, but will default to Sean Carey's place if other arrangements fail. More drinks, games, and compromising photos!

Sun, Aug. 22nd --


Whoever hasn't already departed will gather one last time to lick our wounds and ease the pain of wanton carousing through the magic of PANCAKES at Kerbey Lane Cafe.

While the tourney is set, other plans will be fluid - so make sure to follow me (@walk_your_path) on Twitter if you're heading in so you'll be in the loop! More details to come! Did I mention joining the google group?
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