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360 Friday Night Fights: The Spawn of Doom


For all those who don't know, Doom 3 BFG Edition released this week. For forty bucks, you can pick up Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 along with the expansion Resurrection of Evil. If that doesn't seal the deal, ID also created some new levels for Doom 3. I have put a decent amount of time into the collection and I can safely say that I would recommend this to anyone new to the series or long time fans. While playing Doom 2 however, a childhood memory sprang fourth. I have played something similar to this before playing this collection... Chex Quest.

Yes, a FPS using the Doom engine to help promote the Chex cereal. Back in 1996, General Mills was trying to find a way to make Chex seem more "modern" and "fun". So, they hired a developer named Digital Cafe to make a non violent game on a $500,000 budget. A little later, Chex Quest was born and used as a promotion. At least five million copies were made and packaged into the cereal boxes. Surprisingly, the game was well received by gamers and boosted the sales of the cereal through the roof. Hell, the game won a couple awards in advertising.

I remember playing this game when I was younger... however, I actually don't remember being able to get past the second level without any cheat codes activated. I did a little digging around and found out that there were two sequels released for this game through Digital Cafe's website. That is, before they were shutdown in 2008. Apparently, this game has such a cult following that there is a forum that people still post in today. Just... seems weird for a game that was just a cereal advertisement to still get interest today.

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Mass Effect 3

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Halo Reach

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Time: 6 Pacific | 9 Eastern

Battlefield 3

Host: Scield
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Time: 7:30 Pacific | 10:30 Eastern

Gears of War 3

Host: Usedtabe
Gamertag: Us3d ta b3
Time: 8 Pacific | 11 Eastern

Happy Wars

Host: Epic KxDtoid
Gamertag: Epic KxLive
Time: 9 Pacific | 12 AM Eastern

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