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About DstryrDestroyerone of us since 5:18 PM on 05.15.2011

I am a College Student (studying Use of Mathematics, English Literature + Language, Media Studies, and ICT) who just loves to play games, and always has done. I started gaming years ago when I first used a Playstation One (or PSX, whatever) and a Sega Megadrive and pretty much that's how it began. Ever since playing Sonic the Hedgehog, WarGames, Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII in my childhood, gaming has been my main hobby. I am mainly a single player gamer, but do enjoy the odd multiplayer game here and there.
Deadly Premonition
Final Fantasy Vii - Viii
Jet Set Radio (+ Future)
Resident Evil series
Dino Crisis 2
Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 3
Halo series
Devil May Cry 3
LoZ: Ocarina of Time + Wind Waker + Twilight Princess
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid Fusion
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Sonic Adventure
Dead Rising 1+2

I'm gonna shut up now... hehe...