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Is Gaming the Same?

Being a 23 gamer, I was thinking how much gaming has changed since I first picked up the gray (now orange) lightscope pistol and blasted ducks out of a sky... 'p'yo gangsta' style. I remember how getting a new game used to be fun in it's ...


How to Review Games Using Numbers

One of the most annoying things I see in this industry is either poorly written or lacks the ability to be fair. This goes for user reviews as well as the best of best gaming reviews. Who has seen a review and thought that is was either too...


Games of Past: Theme Hospital

First off, welcome to a new edition to blogging. I call it "Games of Past". In other words, my favorite classics. I share these with you to hopefully encourage you to engage in fantastic gameplay and clever design of past experiences. Some ...


Deals Time Forgot: Genesis Does.

I was watching some of my YouTube crap I've posted up and I guess I never really grasped how great of a deal this was back in the day. Watch! It's funny, in this day and age, we are happy to see one game bundled with a system. Back in th...


E3: What Would Have Sucked Less

Let's face it: this years E3 sucked as far as the Big 3's press conferences. I personally didn't like any of them, and frankly, I wish they'd keep the stupid sales figures for staff meetings. I only watch these for the updates on their hard...


Are Trophies the New Achievements?

Well, it's been a week (and for some, a few hours) since firmware 2.4 was released for the PlayStation 3. Of all the sweet new add-ons, what I was really waiting for were the "achievement clones", or Trophies. However, I didn't expect troph...


Hating Blizzard: Take two.

Relating to this topic, I noticed a lot of people talk about how their copyright law was a good idea because it "ruins the game". Well, I thought of some other things that ruin World of Warcraft for me, and I think if they decide, comrads, ...


Age of Conan Impressions

I was really excited about this game. The graphics looked amazing. The gore was there. Everything was good until I got into their beta. Boy, they sure know how to doctor up their photos! Age of Conan is a console MMORPG, meaning it's linear...


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