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10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Blog Hits


Hello all my friends. Today I'm here to discuss how to increase hits to your blog. It's fairly easy. Sadly, it usually only works on sites like Digg or Destructoid, so don't run around thinking this works with the entire internets. Destructoid is kind of like the WWE of the internet in a way of fans. You'll have actual fans for being a good guy, or you'll be well known for being hated. You just have to pick and choose which you want to be. I prefer not to follow corporate trends and speak my mind on what I think of this grand industry and certain people.

Here's what you should topic about. Just pick from the random list, but the prized blog title will be ranked at number one, for maximum blog hitting.

10. Make a top 10 list Just like this one. This really works well on Digg. As a matter of fact, I'm sure one of the top 10 Dugg sites right now is a top 10 list. Or a 'best picture evar' link. They're all dumb.

9. HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray The race is over and Blu-Ray walked away with the trophy, but it's still easy to get a debate going about this subject. Be prepared to wear a lead vest when you talk about why you think Blu-Ray is great.

8. Question why Xbox Live is teh best This is just good for a laugh. It's a debate that can't be won because you never get a solid answer and you never get anything more than a 'it's better than the PS3'. You'd probably get a better answer out of a Cracker Jack box, but all the same, you'll get a few dozen hits to your blog.

7. Nintendo's Wii Sucks Between the PS3 and the Wii sucking, there's no difference. You'll get about the same hits, from either fan boys (in that case, the Miis) or from the people who absolutely agree (Xbox users).

6. Playstation 3 Sucks Read the Wii sucking bit. It's all the same.

5. 360 Sucks This one will bring you a truck load. It's basically a dual between the PS3-only guys and the 360-only guys, having it out. It will result in a lot of 'you suck, troll' and such, but it's rather funny to see how many act like you've just insulted their country over a game system.

4. EternalDeathSlayer is a fag This seems to get a ton of hits, but it's usually EternalDeathSlayer talking to himself over and over again, arguing about something. He's a user on Destructoid and boy, will he ever troll your blogs if you write this one at least once. I'm sure he'll be in this blog, so check out his witty internet humor below. It usually has something to the effect of "fails" or "failed" or something like that. This one may not work on Digg, but it's worth a shot.

3. Super Smash Bros!!!1 Although I've been a fan since the N64 days, I've never seen a group of people so excited about this game. I'm still excited and it's fun to see the new characters that will be in the game, but it's to the point where there's so many new characters per day, I'd rather just wait and see for myself who's in the game and what stages there are. I've seen so many shots of this game that the game itself is going to be old when it comes out. Needless to say, it will still get you some hits. Try something like "Who are you going to be when you first get the game?".

2. Jack Thompson A much hated person in general (not just the gaming industry anymore). For your blogs sake, you can just mention how much you hate him. Even if you don't know who he is, you can just rant about anyone you hate but replace, let's say John Rodriguez, with Jack Thompson. "Dudes, I ran into Jack Thompson today at school and he was like 'hey' and I was like 'sup'. I wanted to smash his face in with an iron!". Something like that.

1. Gamers Kill People What a touchy subject for some. Me personally, I could care less what the politicians are thinking I do at my house. I actually think games were more violent and disturbing pre-911. Games just don't have enough gore in them anymore. Blood, yes, but there's just never any gore. My favorite thing to do when I was a kid was look at the ESRB rating and pick out which game had the Mature tag with Animated Gore or Realistic Gore rating on the back. Then my dad would buy it for me. I was playing Mortal Kombat since I was 8 and I've just never encountered a time I could kick a black guy with metal arms off a bridge into a spiked pit. Anyway, I just don't get these political topics, but they can score you major hits. Sadly, you could repost it a week later (changing the title and a few paragraphs should probably be rearranged) and you'll get the same amount of hits. It's a topic gamers lover to argue about and vent about how they hate politicians and topic 2. I guess it's just the new thing, to defend something you love.

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