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10 Games of 2008

There's a ton of awesomeness coming out of the creator's heads this upcoming year. Heck, for some of ya that read this late, this year will be of accuracy. But what games do we really want to get? There's always too many choices every year. In 2005, I just waited a year to play games because I hadn't finished the games I bought in 2004 yet. Each year it gets harder and harder to play the games I waited all year to get my hands on. I'm still playing Twilight Princess and Neverwinter Nights (the original) for Pete's sake! So, I decided while I waited on New Jersey jerkwads that I'd make a list of games I really wanted and stick with them until 2009.

Honestly, this list will end up just being must-haves then I'll end up buying too many games again like this year. (Yeah, I'm still playing Hellgate: London too..).

You know how list go. 10 to 1, starting now. Well, after this line. Now. Below.

10) Fallout 3
9) Age of Conan
8) Halo Wars
7) Far Cry 2
6) Metal Gear Solid 4
5) Spore -
4) World of Warcraft: Lich King
3) Grand Theft Auto 4
2) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
1) Starcraft II

Honerable mentions: Duke Nukem Forever. Hey, ya never know.


Also, Fallout 3 is probably my favorite, but I'm sure when I beat it, I'll be done unlike some of the others.
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