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Drunkcast Episode 6 records tonight!


Hey guys, how's it going? Yes, I know, Monday sucks, but it also brings good news! Drunkcast Episode 6 records tonight! Hm. Well, actually that may be bad news for some of you, but if so you can suck our dicks! Tonight the very lovely and very amazing DJDuffy will be joining us! Yeah, another CBM takeover, but is that really a bad thing? Is it? I'll answer that question for you, and the answer is no.

Hey, speaking of answering questions, we need your questions! Ask us whatever your deepest, darkest questions are, and we will try our best to share our vast amounts of knowledge with you. Unless your question sucks. Then we will ignore you, just like your parents do. As always, if you want to be on drunkcast, email us at [email protected] Hopefully the editing turn around will go back to being within 24 hours starting with this episode. See you soon!
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