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Drunkcast Episode 19: Avant-Garde

Hey guys, remember us? Those bastards from Texas who like to get drunk and record our drunken ramblings on Skype so we can try to give you guys some decent entertainment? Well, we took a month long break because we were all super busy over the holiday season, but we have finally gotten our shit together and gotten back together.

There is one minor change though. We have relocated over to Tumblr as our main base of operations. This is purely because we are trying to expand our listenership and spread awareness. This does not have anything to do with any problems with Destructoid, we aren't getting paid or anything now, we haven't sold out or lost sight of our original audience. We are just trying to do what we think is best for Drunkcast. Also, if all else rationale fails, I contend that if Anthony can do it, so can we.

The iTunes subscription remains the same, so if that's how you listen to us, nothing will change for you. For everyone else, head over to drunkcast.tumblr.com to stream or download the newest episode.

Like I said, I hope no one gets the wrong idea. We still love you and hope to have sexual relations with you all in the eventual future. Until next time, Drunkcast.
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