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Breaking News: New City of Heroes Expansion

It has been accidentally leaked (via an email that wasn't supposed to be sent yet) that City of Heroes will be receiving its second official expansion pack, titled "Going Rogue." From the email: "Paragon Studios™ is proud to officiall...


Best Buy offers a great Guitar Hero 2 Deal

For anyone out there (like myself) who may have skipped over Guitar Hero 2 in the wake of Guitar Hero 3, now is your chance for one heck of a deal. While browsing through Best Buy today, I found a stack of Guitar Hero 2 bundle packs in t...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This little baby is what I call "home" for about 6 hours a day. Be it for school, DToid, or gaming... I do so love my first homebrew system. However... it's time for an upgrade! Having built this 3 years ago, my specs are starting to hit...


I finally joined up... I got a 360!

Well, my friends... this week has been a golden day for me. I finally broke down and got myself an XBox360. The lure of the two free games (ones I'll actually play) was too much for me, and I couldn't be happier. As of today, I just got m...


GameStop, Replicating Worse than Tribbles

It is a well known fact that many among the DToid community dislike GameStop for a multitude of reasons. Be it their incompetent staff, their automatic phonecalls, or their downright destruction of the profits from video game sales that s...


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