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My First Blog, and Dragon Age 2: 2/24/11


Here's something that bugs me though; We were promised a much more vast array of emotional options in the dialouge choices, such as 'sarcastic' or 'flirty,' but, at least in the areas covered in the demo, all you really have is the stereotypical 'paragon' good guy options, the 'renegade' bad guy options, and the default 'sarcastic' options, which isn't as vast as I was hoping and also kind of adds to my fear that this game will be what Mass Effect 2 was to Mass Effect 1. Meaning, trying too hard to be edgy, cool, and blowing up the title into a big name franchise. We all remember what Bioware once said regarding ME2, that they were trying to make it like a PG-13 movie, with action and adventure and complete lack of homosexuality, and what not. DA2 nails the latter at the least, with any gender of Hawke being able to flirt up with Isabela in the demo, but I'm no less worried that Dragon Age will turn from a very innovate, retro and fun, if a bit generic, adventure into Medieval fantasy, and into a SUPER DARK and EDGY, SEXY ACTION romp.

In conclusion, being bad at introductions makes you bad at conclusions as well. I really enjoyed the DA2 demo, I loved playing it through multiple times and picking it apart. But at the same time I wasn't so happy we couldn't chum around and pre-create our characters before the actual game comes out, like a 'practice' round at building a pretty face, and I was a bit disapointed with some of the things that were promised. As rebels always say, don't believe the hype.... But hey, Dragon Age 2 has damn good hype.

That's all for now internet. I'm Drew, and I have a blog.
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