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I'm over Kinect.(6/14/11)


(Enough said)

It certainly leaves a dreadful taste in my mouth. Summing up my little rant with E3 commentary brings me to really just laugh at Microsoft. At this point, that dead horse they are beating has dried up to itís bones. Of course Iím being cruel, but itís nothingís going to change if we donít play ball Jim Sterling style. Microsoft needs to get their shart together, pardon my French. In fact playing ball anyway will probably be useless, that normal nongaming family will always be attracted to the casual advertising specifically made for them. What the company needs to do is approach it like the two other big publishers, Nintendo and Sony.

Respect the core gamer, approach motion controls subtlely, and donít you dare forget core games for the core audience. Microsoft was devoid this year at E3, discluding Kinect stuff, a few third party multiplatform games/exclusives, and of course, Halo 4. This is a problem. I donít know how much more of a wakeup call they need, after the thrashing given by core gamers for the last few E3s proved ineffective. And also, get on the bandwagon and have a big first party Kinect shooter. That would no doubt draw in the core community.

As always, I suck at endings. See you next week, internet.
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