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Feeling really nervous.(Shortblog-NVGR)*Updated*

For people who didn't read my last post, my mom is going through a cancer scare. Today at around noon we're gonna get ready to go to the doctor to find out the specifics since we don't know really anything yet. I've been getting even more nervous, scared and sad with each passing hour. I hope that this will stay just a scare but I have to try to be realistic about it. Anyways, playing any sort of game isn't really helping me at all. I'd like to thank all of the people who have sent me their kind words. I even got a PM from Colette which really made my day. I guess all I can really do now is ask you the D-Toid community is to send all of their Esunas and Remedies (That's the item that can cure all ailments right?) to my mom.

Later in the day when we get back I'll edit this post to tell everyone what happened

Update: I thought I might as well just edit this post I'll tell you what I know so far.

*She has a cancer that is about 3cm in size
*It hasn't been been spread to her bones or anything like that
*It possibly went to her lymph nodes
*We don't know what kind of stage it is.

I don't wanna get to much into detail with it. Basically the low down is that what she is cancerous, but we didn't necessarily catch it early or late from what I understand.We have to wait til Friday to find out if the cancer is treatable with Chemo so it can shrink down before surgery or if it can't be. I think that it is the way I understand it right now. I think I might make a post or something specifically for people wanna send their Esuna Wishes or whatever to us. /sigh Jeez it has been a really rough day.
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