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That discord link on the front page needs some updating it seems.


Anyone wants to be my Mario Kart Tour friend? My ID is 9716 5252 9920


Everyone talking about Black Widow, while I am still one movie and 2 and a half shows behind in the MCU. Am in the middle of WandaVision right now. May be the smartest thing Marvel Studios made.


Cytus 2 is free on google play. I hear it is good.


Phone is broken. Do I finally get a smartphone and become a creature of the present? Or do I get a cool Nokia dumbphone that has a battery life of 3 weeks and is cheaper than getting a handjob in the bad part of town.


If you want to know what survivorship bias is just ask a bunch of Linux users if it is hard to learn.


My eyes are begging me to emulate a Castlevania that I can play on fullscreen next. What SotN version should I play? Do they all have the same music?


Golf video games are like Heroin: fucking great. Also a bit addictive.


Are porn stars eligible for the 27 club?


Everything I know about FF1 I know from looking at Wikipedia but shouldn't it be 4 Warriors of Light in that FFO trailer?


Stopped playing Metroid: Fusion because it is shit. Am playing Bowser's Inside Story now which is just charming. Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow also seems to be a good one. Any recommendations for DS and GBA?


Are there any boss battles in Metroid Fusion that aren't shit? I feel like they are getting worse the further I get into the game.


When getting a Linux PC with garbage hardware it is protocol to first use it for retro emulation, isn't it?


Sports games not only expect you to have all the knowledge about the sport but also about the game series itself. I walked through a door in NBA 2k21 and suddenly I was in the lobby for a mp game with no way to back out. I barely even know the rules.


If someone would have told 16 year old punkrock me how much mid 30s me will listen to Miley Cyrus I would have said: "I have no Idea who that is" given that she wasn't even a teen back then.


Why do JRPGs have normal enemies that can attack your whole party for 3/4th of your health with no warning? I don't want to heal every single round.


I finished Prey and I love the ending. Top game in general. Arkane may be my favorite developer these days.


The Aspect of Hestia is basically my go to when I want a run to be over fast and easy. Take initial damage instead of backstab damage, every boon that gives you attack damage %, reload after each shot and watch most enemies die by one shot.


Confession: I often want to post my Hades clear screens but don't do so, because I don't want that players that aren't as good feel bad.


Game bundles on Steam are broken in a good way. I just bought XCOM Chimera Squad for only 2.80€ because I already have the other games and their DLC.


The Legend of Bum-Bo is actually good now. You can finally save your current run and most bugs are fixed.


#Womantoid I prefer to celebrate real women rather than fictional women made up mostly by men. And when I think woman, I think Betty.


Forgetting to buy the Skullgirls 2nd Encore dlc finally paid off as they made it free for all owners. Finally replaying the Arcade mode with voice over. Woooooohooooooo.


The defining feature of immersive sims is that they let you break into security booths in various ways. Prey is a good immersive sim because they came up with new ways to do so.


Not gonna lie, but whoever is writing the HuniePop games isn't very good at their job.


Holy shit the load times on EA™'s Star Wars™ Battlefront™ 2™ are crazy. Even going from the campaign to the main menu takes a minute.


I got all the achievements in Hades. This feels like an accomplishment. And there still is stuff to do and earn in the game.


Ubisoft is giving out Trials Rising today (link in the comments because links look ugly in a qpost)


There is a hostage situation at Ubisoft Montreal right now. https://gamerant.com/ubisoft-montreal-hostage-situation/ Hope everyone gets out of there unharmed.


Today I channeled my inner 14 year old and made a MGS 5 emblem (in the comments because it is a MGS 5 emblem I made while channeling my inner 14 year old)


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