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Videogame Doujinshi volume 5: [email protected] - Live for You!


The [email protected] series (which will now be referred to as simply "Idolmaster" because I'm boring like that) hasn't really reached across the pond and onto the shores of the United States. Yes, while we did get that one weird mech anime spin-off and those iOS games that I will never talk about because I'm about as angry as they are expensive... the Idolmaster games I want are something of a cross between a business simulation and a rhythm game: on-stage, the game presumably plays like Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F in that you press the right button at the right time in the song to score points... but off-stage, you are the idol's producer who must book her shows, schedule her time, manage her relationships between you and the other idols in the industry, and everything else a manger has to do. Unforunately, as great as they sound, for such a text-heavy game, these aren't exactly import-friendly to an English-only reader... unless my idol likes to dress in rags and play in dumps and dives singing show tunes.

So, if it hasn't been released in my country, then how have I heard of it? Well, guess what: it appears to be in demand in the doujinshi world because there's a ton of them out there, and even more so if you just count individual, one-shot images. As someone who regularly browse hentai manga websites, I pretty much see Idolmaster doujinshi every now and then, so of course, I get curious to see what all the hype is about. I guess I really can't blame them: idols are pretty damn popular over there, almost to the point of obsession... so naturally, a series about idols, who are dozens in numbers if you count the social mobile spin-off Cinderella Girls, is ripe for the taking of horny people's money. Seriously, there are so many idols that there's bound to be one for everyone... and seems to be suited for a particular character type (a.k.a. fetish): there's the gothic Ranko Kanzaki, the nun Clarice, the MILF-looking Shino Hiiragi, the flight attendent Natsumi Soma, the athletic Nagisa Aino, the ninja-like Ayame Hamaguchi... the list goes on and on!

Now, for this next entry in my relatively-new blog series, I want to talk about two Idolmaster doujinshi that I quite enjoyed, and thought that they are interesting enough to share with the rest of you! Without further ado, let's get started!

Mimura Kanako Eats a Lot!

Now I know where she learned how to slurp...

Although she's one of the "playable" characters in the aforementioned Cinderella Girls spin-off, meaning that she's not a character in the series proper, Kanako Mimura seems pretty down to Earth in this doujinshi: asking her producer if there's time to snag lunch before their next scheduled shoot, she takes him to a shop that sells curry udon (noodles) to slurp down, smiling in joy that it's so tasty... despite being worth 680 calories (yes, that's actually written in the manga). But she doesn't want to stop there: spotting a takoyaki shop across the street, takoyaki being deep-fried balls of batter with octopus and onions inside worth about 432 calories for presumably the whole platter, she comments on how tender and sticky they are... but now she wants something sweet to wash it down with, so she heads to a dessert store to order a nice looking parfait that consists of vanilla ice cream surrounded by strawberries, slathered with strawberry syrup, and topped with a wafer stick, all of which adds 441 calories to her body.

Still having time to kill, Kanako decides to take the producer out for a walk to the park... but upon smelling the sweet scent of crepes coming from the stand, Kanako couldn't resist that 353 calorie-filled treat. You would think, after being dragged all over the town for food, that the producer would be annoyed with her munchies... but instead, he finds it cute, and actually enjoys watching her eat (it should be noted that the producer doesn't say anything, as evident by the lack of voice bubbles that Kanako responds to, giving the impression that you're supposed to be him). It makes her bashful at first, especially when she admits that she's getting a little chubby... but apparently, that's just more cushion for the pushing, because we all knew it was going to turn out this way: taking her from behind, she loves the feeling of a penis sliding between her fat ass and thighs (her words, not mine!), before figuring that, since she needs to lose weight, that she will take the lead by going on top since that would mean that she'll be doing all the work!

Guys, this is when you immediately shake your head and lie your ass off.

At least, she would've... but after a few pumps or so (you can never tell how long the sex lasts in a hentai manga unless they specify it because there are only so many pages), the producer starts playing with her belly rolls (my words, not hers) and she gets embarassed. However sexy the cowgirl position is though, especially with a lovely plump girl in charge, the producer decides to switch to the missionary position, which is great for Kanako because she comments on how her "deepest parts" are able to become penetrated (a common saying in hentai manga) and that it's quite perfect for the sperm to be shot inside her. Of course, the sex ends with her sucking the rest out of his hose as though siphoning gas out of someone's car... but there's still one last smile to plant on your face: saying that she'll do great on her next shoot, she spots a gelato cart somewhere, and happily jogs her way there, leaving a small trail of hearts in her wake.

Personally, while the sex looks great (that "melty/ blushing" face being so well-drawn), I just love how happy Kanako is when she's eating: every bite is like ecstasy to her, and I just find the look on her face to be so cute and so adorable that I just want to give her a hug... presuming my arms could reach around her belly. It also incorporates a bit of her personality: not having played the games, I looked her up on the videogame wiki (because almost every videogame has one, especially a series as popular as this) and it says that she likes to eat cookies and cakes, as well as worry about her weight... which explains why some doujinshi featuring her either makes her look very, and deliciously, plump, or has her having sex to lose weight, if not a combination of both. As light-hearted this particular doujinshi is, there isn't too much to say about it since it lasts less than dozen pages... but the next doujinshi in this article is a bit twisted and a little demented, just to balance things out tone-wise and spread my bases out a bit.

Yukiho's Tea is the Flavor of Love!

Seriously, how do they not notice that?

Starting out with two people walking down a hall, they notice a girl suspiciously standing off to the side, seemingly staring at the wall for no apparent reason. As they continue to look at her, they eventually recognize her as Yukiho Hasegawa... but they quickly noticed that something feels "off" about her: she doesn't appear to be "all there", and she definitely lacks the "aura" that idols usually carry with them: that simulated sunshine that emits from the perky behavior they're always strutting. However, they end up dismissing her because, even if Yukiho is an "idol" (this, like her body because this is a hentai manga, will be touched on shortly), the two gentlemen are fans of another fellow pop idol, Miki Hoshii, and thus, they decide to leave Yukiho to her own devices... which turns out to be her cellphone peeking into a bedroom: unbeknowst to everyone else but the privileged readers such as I, she's watching and recording the aforementioned Miki Hoshii having sex with her producer very intensely as she bites on the lock of hair that drifts into her lips as though needing to bite down on something.

Some time after Miki's and the producer's little tryst, they are seen walking like a regular, lovey-dovey couple would: Miki's got her arm around his, and she's clinging to him like lint on a fine suit worn to an interview. She even acts the playful, picture-perfect idol by acting in that baby-ish, yet adorable, way of seeking attention: she even tells the producer what a great job she did today, and when he has to ask what kind of a reward she wants, she pouts and tells him that he knows what she wants (... which is quite clearly the D). However, after he tells her that they must wait until they get home, which Miki openly expresses as a disappointment, they open the door to their room and find Yukiho standing there to greet them. Now, the translation's a little funny regarding whether Yukiho has something to do with Miki's regular assistant being... unavailable, at the moment, but regardless, she decides to help out by making tea for the both of them... as she cradles the very same cellphone that we've seen her with earlier in her hands.

Funny enough, I don't think they actually did it in that position...

As Yukiho is busy preparing them her beverage of choice, Miki decides to take this time to ask about Yukiho's current predicament while they wait: she reveals Yukiho's popularity as an idol is starting to take a really big nosedive after some reporter is writing bad things about her. As scummy as tabloids are, however, it certainly doesn't help that Yukiho's depression is starting to come to light: just like her biography in the Idolmaster videogame, Yukiho has been quoted to have said "I want to dig a hole and bury myself"... which, while admittedly rather tame in comparison to the turn of events impending in the story, still doesn't help her "cheery" image one bit. Although Miki's ultimate intention was her actually trying to cheer up her fellow idol (with that same enthusiasm you'd expect an idol to have), the producer starts reprimanding Miki for talking about such a sensitive subject in front of the very person that they're talking about... but even though Yukiho slams her cup of tea onto the table forcefully, she turns and tells the duo that she doesn't mind: she even asks them if she's able to show them something on her phone.

Although Miki suspiciously starts to slumber after slurping a sip of tea, the producer isn't able to sleep with such a shocking secret exposed right in front of him: Yukiho shows him the recording of the two's relationship, telling the producer how bad it would be if this happens to fall into the hands of the media. However, although Yukiho could blackmail the producer to having many things, like money (since he is the manager of a seemingly successful idol) or even increased fame... she decides that the only type of exposure she wants is her body to him: she simply wants the producer to have sex with her, and by the crazy, desperate look in her eyes (that I personally find oh so sexy...), she isn't taking "no" for an answer. Despite her devious demeanor, she does tell him a sob story though: she rants to the producer she's jealous that Miki doesn't work half as hard as she does yet still manages to be popular, and that she (Yukiho) might not ever make it as an idol... but as long as she has the producer by her side, then she would be okay with it, so she begs the producer to ditch his girlfriend.

Total Yandere. I love it.

Naturally, he refuses such an offer, but rather than blackmail him into it, Yukiho decides to give him a sample of her abilities: pulling down the producers pants to play with his penis, Yuikoho knows what his sensitive spots are, and teases him enough to climax in her mouth, to which she willingly gulps down. Of course, they are almost never satisfied with the first shot... though, in this case, Yukiho mentions that she might've added a little something in his drink: either way, it's time to move to the main event! However, rather than just jump on his stiff stick, Yukiho has something a lot more kinky in mind: she climbs her naked body over the sleeping Miki, and asks the producer to have sex right on top of her... to which he obliges out of own accord! While he's pounding her from behind, Yukiho taunts miki in her sleep: she tells him, with a crazy set of eyes suitable for a yandere (hot), that Miki can't have the producer anymore... that he is falling in love with Yukiho and there's nothing that she can do about it! In fact, when Yukiho asks the producer what he would do if Miki were to wake up, he even gets harder at the thought!

She doesn't wake up anytime soon though: whatever the hell Yukiho put in the tea, it knocked out Miki for a damn long time. Speaking of things being knocked though, even if they covered themselves up, it isn't possible that they could keep this little encounter a secret: Yukiho let the producer cum inside her so she could get pregnant, and I would assume that Yukiho has ensured that it is a guarantee if she's going to tease Miki about it whilst she slumbers. Regardless, it doesn't seem like neither of them cares if Miki finds out or not: when Miki actually wakes up, she is surprised to see the producer sitting in Yukiho's seat (it is actually Yukiho sitting on the producer's lap) and she tells him how mean it is to do that. However, rather than getting off of her seat, the producer is "getting off" in a much more sexual way: turns out, he's actually having sex with Yukiho right at this moment, with only their penis and pussy being exposed underneath the table! Still not satisfied with everything that happened, Yukiho taunts Miki by saying that, while she was having a dream, that Yukiho was having her dream come true.

Well, ignorance is bliss, I guess...

Well, that was pretty twisted, eh? To tell you the truth, it's actually one of the more tamer scenarios that I've read in a doujinshi: one of my favorite fetishes (that I sadly had to cut out of my "Top 10 Favorite Fetishes" blog) happens to be "netorare" hentai. "Netorare", which is Japanese slang that means "taking away by sleeping with", is basically a drastic dip into the subject of cheating: it usually involves a person who is typically in love with another character... but for some reason, rather than having sex with them, they get a much more arousal from having sex with someone else, leaving the person, should they find out (the majority of them do), severely depressed. Normally, these types of hentais get rather twisted: although, admittedly, I gotta give props for that scene when naked Yukiho wants to have sex on top of Miki's body, that's pretty much child's play compared to the "battle-harded" experience I have.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading through these blogs! I write these to kind of add a unique ingredient to this melting pot of community potluck (because, let's be honest: if I wasn't going to write about it, who would've?), and I plan to do more of these when I'm able: I'm already planning on writing a couple of entries regarding series such as Pokemon, Soulcalibur, Dead or Alive, and much, much more. As always, if you made it this far, thanks for reading, it really makes my day, and any suggestions or comments you have (like I could make these blogs more appealing to you, my dear readers), don't be shy: let me know!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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