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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Part 1: Intro + Prologue + Ch. 1)


(Art by kuroi (liar-player))

While City Pulse is the project I've put the most amount of work and passion in, my first original project is actually the one I got the farthest in. Before we talk about that, allow me to preface this by stating that I remember when I first started coming up with this idea. At the time I conceived this project, I had only written fan fiction: I had one semi-popular story on the old Nintendo Power forums — damn, that takes me back — as well as two mildly popular stories on the Fan Fiction site. One of them was based on Assassin's Creed, which had a small but loyal following... but the one that I think had the most potential for a bunch of readers was this Dark Souls story. I was going to novelize MY version of what happens in the game, even featuring a trio of protagonists in order to hit all of the story beats.

However, at this point in my life, I felt like I wanted to stop writing stories in someone else's worlds. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fan fiction, but as I try to force stories to conform to the standards of their worlds, I had to lose a certain creative freedom. So while it seemed like I was doing decent enough for a fan fiction writer — I had dozens of followers for that Dark Souls story, despite only getting about four chapters done — I eventually decided to break out and try my own thing. Of course, I wouldn't be able to post it on Fan Fiction, but at least I would have something I could call 100% my own. Obviously, as someone who loves character drama, comedy, and porn, I wanted to do a mix of it all by writing a romantic comedy!

(Art by mizuki kotora)

Project S.O.S. stands for "Sex-Obsessed Sister." As you can tell, this story is about a brother-sister incest couple. I mentioned it a bit in the City Pulse blogs but let's get into details here. To help keep focus, I decided to only have three main characters: Hikaru Minami, the younger brother who moved in with his sister when she became a writer; Manami Minami, the older sister who doesn't have many friends and is, of course, obsessed with porn; and Hitomi, Hikaru's initial love interest who has an interest in cooking. Rather than talking about the characters too much, I'd detail how the story goes down and tie their personalities there.

Now, for the most part, I never finished writing this story... but when I say that, I mean I never edited. I actually wrote all of the chapters and everything, but I never took the time to look through everything and cut out/ rewrite anything. I don't see much point in doing it now, however, as my writing was really off back then. I was so focused on trying to "write a book" that I threw in everything but the kitchen sink: I over-explained scenes, tried to talk about everyone's thoughts and feelings, dragged my feet with "poetic pacing" solely to pad out words... honestly, if I want to do this project, I'd need to scrap everything and start again. However, I think it would be better to just summarize all of the chapters — which means just the story beats, and the bare minimum of background/ prose — here in this blog, so let's get going, huh?

(Art by adachi (nogami nono))

Prologue - We start with two naked "characters" resting in bed on a sunny morning (remember, this is the beginning of the book, so of course you're not supposed to know who they are!). One of them is facing the window, so he turns around to get away from the light, where he sees a woman's face. He playfully teases her that it's time to get up, and when she refuses, he reminds her that she has to finish her book. She blows him off (not sexually!) and tells him she'll do it later, and then he sighs... but not because of her laziness. He sighs because that's his sister.

Chapter 1 - Set sometime before the Prologue, we see Hikaru sitting at home playing a videogame when he hears a thud. He goes to investigate, which originates from his sister banging her head on her desk. When he tries to comfort her, she looks "dead" because she spent another "all-nighter" trying to finish a chapter, but ran into writer's block. Hikaru tells Manami to get some sleep, but she whines and begs him to let her finish. It isn't until he tells her that she doesn't want to "sabotage" her book with "sleepy writing" that he convinces her to go to bed reluctantly, though not without some playful resistance. For example, she calls him a kid for playing videogames all night, and when he points out that there's "labels" for 17+ players, she dismisses the argument by telling him that he's keeping her from sleeping.

After Hikaru leaves the room, he hears someone at the door. He opens it to see his good friend, Hitomi, very angry at him.

"Was that supposed to be a joke!?" she exclaims.

"Well, if it was, apparently it wasn't a very good one," Hikaru cringes.

(Art by wonoco0916)

She reminds him that they had a "dinner date" at a new restaurant opening, and when he asks if it was "today?," she exclaims that it was actually last night, and she felt stood up so she stomps on his foot. Hikaru then begs for mercy, but only because Manami is sleeping and he doesn't want their antics to wake her up. Hitomi relents when she feels sympathetic, revealing that she saw Manami up all night "walking back and forth like a pendulum." Anyway, Hitomi forgives Hikaru... if he not only pays for dinner at the new restaurant, on top of the lunch he's buying for her today.

Over at the Pop Rock Diner, Hikaru comments on the "vicious" way Hitomi's eating, but she excuses herself by saying it's because the burgers are too delicious. When she orders another plate, on Hikaru's dime, he says that she'll get fat. She responds "no, I won't, because someone didn't take me out to dinner last night!" Hikaru then brings up Minami by asking if she was really up all night, which Hitomi confirms. She tells him not to worry since lots of people do it, but Hikaru points out that Minami doesn't take good care of herself.

(Art by nanaya (daaijianglin))

After lunch, Hikaru walks home... only to see that Manami isn't sleeping, she's still on the computer working on her novel. Hikaru immediately rushes home, making loud noises in his haste, which gives Manami enough time to jump back into bed. Hikaru then bursts in her room to call her out on it. She tells him that she wasn't on the computer. Hikaru then asks why is her computer's still on, but Manami points out that it's because she didn't get a chance to turn it off properly because he dragged her into bed so fast. Hikaru doesn't remember if that's true, but he decides to turn off the computer regardless. Manami protests, saying she's well-rested now, but Hikaru points out that he's only been gone for about an hour. She tells him she's fine, but he drags her back to bed "against her will" playfully.

After sharing a laugh, Hikaru then wonders if he's going to have this much fun with Hitomi tonight for their date — which Manami points out was supposed to be yesterday. Hikaru laughs it off by saying he knows that now, and Manami asks Hikaru if his foot's okay. He says it's fine, although he's "not looking forward to walking home," which prompts Manami to ask what time he'll be back. He starts to reply, but then realizes she's only asking because she wants to sneak back on the computer to work on her novel.

(Art by darkmaya)

Flash forward to the date, Hikaru hands Hitomi a napkin because she's drooling so much at the sight of the delicious food around them. When the waitress comes by to take their orders, Hitomi gleefully give hers... and when Hikaru asks for more time, Hitomi orders for him so she wouldn't have to wait any longer than she has to.

"Damn," Hikaru swings his arm, "I was really looking forward to that brisket too..."

"You could've said something," Hitomi shrugs.

"You could've not said anything," Hikaru points out.

"I'm sorry," Hikaru could hear Hitomi's sincerity in her apology, "It's just... you know how I get around food..."

When Hikaru remembers how big of an appetite Hitomi can get when she's hungry, he looks at the menu to see how pricey everything is. He jokes that, since he's paying for the both of them, if she isn't trying to get back at him by ordering a buffet. She teases that she might, but when Hikaru pleads her not to, she tells him that she wouldn't be that cruel.

"If it makes you feel better, you can set a budget so I don't eat up your entire wallet," Hitomi eases his worries.

"Fair enough," Hikaru nods his head, "So how much should I spend on you?"

"However much you think I'm worth..." Hitomi looks away.

"But then you won't have enough to eat," Hikaru jokes.

(Art by oda takayuki)

After they finish their meals and Hitomi is literally licking his plate — with Hikaru jokingly telling her that she has something on her face — Hikaru asks if they want to get some dessert. Hitomi orders two slices of cheesecake, which Hikaru is hesitant to try since he's never had a cheese-based dessert before.

"Try it," Hitomi eggs him on, "It's delicious..."

"Maybe, but this is also coming from a girl who just licked the gravy off my plate."

He tries a piece and likes it, and Hitomi exclaims that the cheesecake today is even better than the one they had yesterday. After a moment, Hikaru realizes that this means Hitomi did come to restaurant yesterday and ate without him. He asks why was she so mad that he didn't show up if she was going to eat without him — even pointing out that Hitomi herself said she "had a good time" — and she tells him it's because she wanted to have a good time with him. She confesses that she's in love with him, but Hikaru has no idea how to react.

(Art by hinata-bokko (sanpo fuumi))

After dinner, Hikaru is lost in thought as he walks home. However, same as before, Hikaru sees light coming through Manami's window. He thinks that she's working on the computer once again, but learning the mistakes of last time, he decides to sneak into the house. He silently opens the door and tiptoes to her room, and when he's ready, he barges in. Her computer was indeed on, but it turns out that she was watching porn and masturbating on her bed. When she notices him, she's speechless, and the headphones falls off her ears. Hikaru could then hear the loud moaning from the headphones, and when he looks at the video, it's a hardcore gangbang. After an awkward silence, Hikaru makes an equally awkward joke, and closes the door.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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