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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 8)


(Art by viperxtr)

Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 
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Chapter 7 

Chapter 8 - This next chapter starts with what's called a "cold opening." Obviously, it's more a TV technique, but like I said, I was more of a "visual" storyteller, so it feels "natural" to me to envision the scene like this. Anyway, in a reference to the prologue (but not actually the prologue), Hikaru wakes up in bed naked. With his hangover, he focuses on the headache at first, but slowly realizes that he's not in his room. Once he realizes that he's in Manami's room, he starts freaking out... and he hears the shuffling from his side is coming from Manami, who is also naked, rolling towards him, he screams. If this was a TV show, it would sound like Manami (or actually provided by her actress) as a sort of joke that Hikaru screams like a girl.

Anyway, you see Manami suddenly waking up, frightened by a scream, and she's alone in her bed. This is because, when Hikaru screamed, he tried to back away from his naked sister, and fell off the bed. Manami is obviously very freaked out, saying things like "why are you in my room naked?" and Hikaru responds that he doesn't remember. She's like "how could you not remember!?" and Hikaru uses the excuse that he drank so much that he doesn't remember. He then wonders if Manami remembers, since she drank more than he did, and when she says that she remembers what happens, then that would be the end of the cold opening, as it would transition to a "flashback."

(Art by kuzuyu)

Back to the end of Chapter 7, Hikaru and Manami are both still freaked out about the porn video, so he tries to reason with it.

"Maybe they aren't related by blood," Hikaru smiles nervously, "Maybe they're, like, step-siblings or something."

"...How is that any better?" Manami continues to watch the video, unable to turn away from the action.

"I'm just saying," Hikaru shrugs, "Maybe if they aren't actually brothers and sisters then this might not be as bad as it seems..."

"So you're telling me, if you had a hot step-sister, you'd sleep with her?" Manami leans forward, eager to hear his response.

"Well, how hot are we talking?"

"As hot as me." Manami's face turns red.

Hikaru jokes that she isn't hot, but when he realizes that she's getting sick from the alcohol, he amends his statement. He says that maybe they should turn off the porn and get some rest, but Manami tells him that she wants to finish the movie. Hikaru tells her that they have all the time to finish it tomorrow, as he isn't hanging out with Hitomi anymore... and when Manami says she doesn't have a reason to write, they both get depressed. Hikaru says he wants to be alone in his room, but Manami holds him back, saying that she doesn't want him to hurt himself because he had a lot to drink. Hikaru says that she had more than he did, but she said she drank before; it's his first time, so he may not handle it as well. She offers to let him sleep in the same bed.

Back in the present, both Hikaru and Manami seems to believe that that's all that really happened, but it doesn't explain why they're both naked. Hikaru says that he heard that, because alcohol dilates the blood vessels and gives you the sensation of feeling warmer, that maybe they were so drunk that they thought the only way to cool off would be to strip. Once again, thinking that that's really all that happens, Manami laughs it off and jokes about how horrible it would be if they actually had sex... but when she turns over the covers, she seems a splotch of dried blood right around where her genitals would be. The two starts freaking out, with Hikaru trying to reason that maybe he kicks in his sleep, and he kicked her so hard that he broke her hymen. Or that she already broke her hyman and the blood came from something else.

(Art by shangguan feiying)

"Maybe, maybe you already broke your hymen doing something completely unrelated to sex like... like... like horseback riding." Hikaru points.

"...That's the example you chose to bring up!?" Manami barks, "Dammit Hikaru, you know the 'cowgirl' position is my favorite sexual position of them all!"

"Really? I figured it would be— no, no wait, now's not the time for that!" Hikaru slaps his own head. "We didn't have sex, there's no way that could've happened!"

"Well, what other explanation is there?" Manami gives up trying to deny it any longer, "We must of did it last night. There's no other way to explain the spot of blood on the bed! It couldn't have been from a nosebleed since I don't see a trail of blood anywhere. And it's one heck of a coincidence that the blood would end up next to the stain from when I masturbated..."

"That's still there!?" Hikaru feels somewhat disgusted.

"I think we have bigger problems than a dirty bed sheet!" Manami shout back.

"No, we don't, because I still refuse to believe that we did it," Hikaru turns away then turns back, "There's got to be another explanation for the blood. Like, like, are you sure you didn't just have your period or something?"

"I think I would know if I was on my period or not..." Manami furrows a brow.

"You'd also think you'd know if you had sex with your brother or not, but you don't!" Hikaru shoots back.

There's a bit more to the back-and-forth, but it eventually ends up with Hikaru blaming Manami for watching the porn video, saying that it was her fault they had sex. Then, Manami widens her eyes suddenly, and she says she remembers what happened. Hikaru, obviously, asks her to share what happened but she says she doesn't want to. When he tries prying further, she tells him to get out of her room.

In the comfort of his own room, Hikaru feels like logging in to play an MMO, but he decides to go to a search site called Scavanger — which has the slogan "find what you're looking for" — to look up some facts about sex and all of that. He then types in the phrase "is it wrong to have sex with your..." but before he could finish it, he receives a webcam invite from Hitomi, he immediately combs his hair with his hands and freshen up as quickly as possible before accepting.

(Art by doomfest)

"Hey, Hikaru, you still playing that MMO every day?" Hitomi's canine tooth still shines through the high-quality webcam, "Geez, you must be addicted to it..."

"As a matter of fact, I was doing no such thing," Hikaru cocks his head, "In fact, I hadn't even logged in the website at all, so what do you have to say to that?"

"I say 'whatever,'" Hitomi turns her head away in embarassment, "So I caught you the one day out of an entire year that you're not playing that stupid game... big deal."

"All I'm hearing is 'I'm wrong,'" Hikaru flashes his smug smile at the camera, "And that you're too ashamed to admit it."

"Argh," Hitomi groans in frustration, "Whatever, okay!? If you're not playing that stupid game, then what the hell are you even doing on the computer in the middle of the afternoon anyway?"

Hikaru, not wanting to say the real reason, tries to handwave the conversation away. He asks Hitomi if she's enjoying herself over there, and she reveals that she likes it here because there's all these restaurants to try out and new places to go. Hikaru gets a bit depressed, but puts on a front and says that he's happy for her. When Hitomi asks how's Hikaru doing, he says that he's less than fine, as he and Manami are "not on the best terms right now." Hitomi playfully blames Hikaru for it, saying that he can't go 24 hours without needing her help, so she tries to pry some information out of him. Hikaru can't divulge the specifics, but after saying a bit of the situation, Hitomi tells Hikaru that maybe Manami doesn't want to talk about it because she's embarrassed. She says that Hikaru needs to show her that there's nothing to be embarrassed of.

After thanking her for her help, Hikaru makes some sly allusions to his current situation, so when Hitomi calls him out on it and demands he tells her what's going on, Hikaru makes a joke that "the neighbors are stealing our wifi again" so he cuts transmission.

(Art by kurenaidahlia)

Hikaru is waiting outside of Manami's door. He's about to knock, but he has no idea how to approach the situation, so he kind of does this thing where he keeps trying to knock, but keeps wimping out at the last moment. Eventually, he gets to frustrated that he leans his back against the door, and then leans his head back... only to fall back completely when Manami opens the door. He immediately gets an upskirt shot of her panties, and when Manami notices, she asks him what he's doing on the floor. He explains what happened, but after he does, she responds "seriously, is the ground that comfortable, or did you not get a good enough look before!?" Anyway, Hikaru convinces Manami to tell him the rest of the flashback, since if she knows the truth of what happened, then he deserves to know the truth as well. Before she starts, she offers Hikaru a seat on the bed... but seeing the stains, he politely declines.

Back in the flashback, as they continue watching the brother-sister porn, Manami wonders if the couple see themselves as "brothers and sisters" or more than that. Hikaru wonders what does she means like that, and Manami says that in all of these scenes, the two are always having sex, not doing anything that normal couples do. Hikaru says that this is strange of Manami to note, and that it's porn, so only having sex isn't strange... but Manami wonders how nice it'd be for them to go out on dates and such. She then wonders if Hikaru and her could do something like that, and when Hikaru jokes that she isn't his type, she asks him to describe what his type is. He essentially describes Hitomi, which Manami notes... before telling Hikaru that it's a shame that she moved away. Hikaru is optimistic that long-distance relationships works, but Manami isn't as sure. After explaining that there's a very real possibility that Hitomi would leave him, Hikaru starts to lose hope himself.

(Art by Mizuga)

"At least you have me." Manami says softly.

Hikaru tilts his head towards the sound of her voice.

"Hikaru?" Manami snuggles up to him closer, "Did you... hear what I said?"

"...Yeah, I heard you," Hikaru sounds so distant despite being so close, "You said you'll always be there for me."

"No, I didn't," Manami shakes her head, "That's not what I said at all."

"What I said was..." Manami pulls him closer with her arms, her breath wafting against his. She props him up while she leans down towards him, the tears in her eyes making them shine like diamond.

"At least... you have me," she kisses him on the lips, taking his breath away.

(Note, since this sounds like something Brianna, who was created after this story, would do to Tetsuya if he had a love-interest, I would definitely change the circumstances leading up to this to fit Manami's personality... though the next scene might have be changed as well.)

(Art by higuchi konomi)

Back in the present day, Manami finishes telling the story. She admits that the reason she didn't want to tell Hikaru the truth was because she felt so lonely about not being in a relationship that she preyed on Hikaru's vulnerable state in order to make herself feel good. She tells Hikaru that, if he never wants to talk to her again, she'll understand... but, while Hikaru is disturbed by what happened, he forgives her. He tells her that he was already thinking that Hitomi would forget about him anyway, so Manami didn't say anything that he wasn't thinking himself. He adds, since he's "already losing his best friend, I don't want to lose my only sister too."

"Besides, what's done is done," Hikaru tries to shrug off as best he could, "It's not like I can go back in time and push you the hell off of me."

Speaking of going back in time, Manami says that if she could, she'd go back and drink less. When Hikaru asks why, she explains that, since she was so drunk, she didn't get a chance to know what sex feels like. Hikaru jokes that they wouldn't have had sex if she wasn't so hammered, but it doesn't matter anyway because the past is the past. Manami agrees... which is why she asks Hikaru if they could have sleep together again.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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