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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 7)


(Art by inarou (rakugakiproject))

Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 
Chapter 6

Chapter 7 - So, Hikaru is sitting in disbelief after Hitomi told him that she's going to be moving to another city to attend a university. He tries to ask the obvious questions, like whether they have a campus over here and online courses, but Hitomi makes it clear that she needs to move in order to become a chef. Hikaru then asks when is she going to be leaving and Hitomi says soon, as she wants to get used to living over there for a bit with a relative before class starts. Hikaru asks why didn't she tell him sooner, and she says that she didn't know how to tell him since she knew that it's going to break both their hearts.

Hikaru makes a joke about how you could tell someone over a nice dinner — referring what she did just now — and it cheers Hitomi up a bit. Hikaru then says that if she's really going to be leaving soon, then they might as well make the most of their remaining time together. He picks up a glass and proposes a toast, which Hitomi agrees to. Suddenly, a burst of fire pillars from the table, and it spooks Hikaru so much that he splashes his glass of water at it to put out the flames. It turns out to be the crème brûlée flambé that he ordered earlier, and he also soaked the waiter when he freaked out and threw the water. The waiter asked if Hikaru would like another crème brûlée flambé, but Hikaru says that he's good.

(Art by jinrai (owl12))

He also asks if Hikaru would like a doggie bag for the rest of filet mignon but Hikaru, not knowing what it means, says that he isn't going to give the rest of his dinner to a dog, so he picks up the remaining steak — which is like more than half left — and shoves the rest into his mouth. With his mouth full, steak juices dribbling from his lips, he asks the waiter to bring him the check, which he responds "gladly." Afterwards, Hikaru and Hitomi share a laugh about all of this foolishness... despite that both of them are depressed inside.

I'm not sure if I mention this later, but there's a short scene involving Manami by herself just before Hikaru comes home where she's waiting by the phone. She just submitted her final draft to a book publishing company, and she's expected to hear the results of being accepted or not tonight. Anyway, when Hikaru comes home, Manami is beaming with a smile, wanting to know how the date went with Hitomi... but when she notices that he's looking particularly down, she asks him what's up.

(Art by kakari (peehs))

"What's going on?" Manami asks.

"Hitomi," Hikaru replies, "She's what's going on."

(Hikaru explains to Manami that Hitomi got accepted to a university to learn how to be a chef, and that she's going to be moving away soon.)

"Wait, did you tell her that you 'like' her?" Manami asks.

"...Did you not hear the part that she's moving?" Hikaru raises a brow, "She's going to be living thousands of miles away from here. Unless you really believe in long-distance relationships, I don't see the point in telling her how I feel."

"Maybe, if you tell her how you feel, then she would have a reason not to move..." Manami points out.

At this point, Hikaru agrees that it's a possible outcome... but he also asks Manami if that's the best thing to do. Remembering what Hitomi said to him before, she wanted to learn how to cook so she can make people happy with her food. Neo City University — which isn't the final name or anything — has an excellent chef program, so this is her chance to really make it as a chef... whereas there's nothing she can really do in Dream City. Plus, he's worried that she may resent him, or that he'll feel guilty if he's the reason why she stayed. Hikaru then tells Manami that he wants some time to think about this decision, so he asks if it's okay if they skip watching porn. Manami agrees.

(Art by matsumoto ryou)

Fast forward to the day Hitomi is leaving, Hikaru and Hitomi are eating at the Pop Rock Diner one more time. They're eating a white chocolate molten lava cake, and while Hitomi finishes hers, Hikaru has trouble with his. She tells him to man up and finish it because she doesn't want to waste it, but after a few more bites, Hikaru tells her that he can't. She calls him a wimp and decides to finish it for him. As she munches down, Hikaru asks what time is the train leaving, and she says in about an hour or two. Hitomi starts getting a little depressed, but Hikaru cheers her up by saying that she isn't going to be gone forever, just for the semester. Hitomi cheers up a little, but even she thinks that's too long.

When she finishes his dessert, Hitomi asks Hikaru if they want to go get some ice cream. Hikaru takes that to mean that she wants to order some more food, but Hitomi says she wants to go to the ice cream parlor (that they went in an earlier chapter) because she likes the ice cream there beter. He agrees, but when they arrive at the store sometime later, he asks her why did she really want to come here. He points out that the parlor is in the opposite direction of the train station, and she says that's the point: she wants to walk around the city one last time with Hikaru before she has to go, so instead of "waiting by the station with all of the noisy people," she could "have him all to herself."

(Art by hekicha)

Later, when they's sitting at the train station clinging to each other, they heard the "last call" for people to board. Hikaru tells her that it's time to go, and Hitomi asks if she could stay just a little bit longer. Hikaru points out that she'll miss her train, but she asks if that would be a bad thing. She says that she already packed up her stuff to be send to her relative's house, already submitted the applications and financial aids forms and everything... but when Hikaru points out that it sounds like she already decided what she wants to do, Hitomi tells Hikaru that she's really going to miss her best friend. Hikaru, for his part, tells Hitomi that, if he's really her best friend, then he needs to do what's best for her, which is letting her achieve her dream.

In a sort of ambigious way, Hitomi agrees to get on the train after hugging Hikaru goodbye. He watches the train leave and, in a optimistic moment, hopes that she didn't actually board the train. After it passes by and he sees that she isn't waiting on the other side though, Hikaru finally lets it sink in that she's gone, and then walks home depressed.

While lying in bed, wrestling some thoughts about if Hitomi and Hikaru will actually continue to stay friends — citing reasons like not being able to hang out together, or if she makes new, food-focused friends — Manami wanders into his room drunk. She's waving around a bottle and taking sips while tipsy, and she falls over and lands on Hikaru. Hikaru asks how much she had to drink, and she only says she had a little.

(Art by nabeshima tetsuhiro)

"A little?" Hikaru holds her steady. "You're walking around like you got beer for blood!"

"That would be awesome!" Manami slurs loudly.

After Hikaru tries to get Manami to her bed, warning that she shouldn't walk around because she'll probably fall and break her arm, Manami says she doesn't care because she doesn't need them anymore. She tells Hikaru that her book got rejected. Hikaru expresses his sympathies, and Manami starts going on a rant that maybe she's not a good writer after all. Hikaru repeatedly assures her that she is, but she isn't really hearing it. Changing the subject, she says "her night went horribly, how about you?" so Hikaru reveals that Hitomi left for the university. He wonders if that was the right decision, but Manami tells him that there's nothing he can do about it now... except drink all of his worries away, especially since she doens't want to drink alone.

"Alcohol?" Hikaru looks at the bottle questionably, "Aren't these things depressants? You know, stuff that makes you sad? Why would I want to make myself feel worse than I already do?"

"I dunno what you're talking about," Manami slurs as she gulps down another mouthful, "The booze is making me feel pretty good right now..."

(Art by yano toshinori)

After deciding to give it a try, Hikaru downs on beer... and then another, and another, and another. After much time has passed, the two are really out of it — this scene was inspired by an episode of Friends, where Ross and Rachel got drunk in Vegas — and they realize that they're out of alcohol. Manami whines because she doesn't know what to do next, and when Hikaru suggests going to sleep, Manami says that she doesn't want to since she has no reason to wake up anyway. Hikaru then feels the same — while also dreading having a hangover for the first time — but he says that there's no way they can get more alcohol unless they get it delivered. When she hears that, Manami then remembers the box of porn they brought, and suggests that they can just watch porn all night.

Although it's a part of their daily ritual, Hikaru doesn't think watching porn is a good idea when they're drunk. However, Manami balks at the idea of watching a movie without hardcore sex, and since she's feeling good from the alcohol, she thinks this is the perfect time for porn. When Hikaru continues being reluctant to the idea, she also reminds Hikaru that he's going to miss Hitomi if he isn't distracted by all of the fleshy goodness.

"Besides, why would you want to mope around in your room all by yourself, when you can watch people have sex with your sister?" Manami smiles.

Hikaru couldn't help but look at her with a horrified look on his face .

"...Y-You know what I meant!" Manami blushes.

(Art by hyou (pixiv3677917))

After begging him to watch porn with her, Hikaru finally gives in, and asks which one should they start with. Manami decides to randomly pick one from their package, and then asks Hikaru to "put it in" because she can't be bothered to get up. Hikaru then jokes that he hopes she's "talking about the DVD," and when she responds that she "can't wait any longer; she need it now!", Hikaru threatens to throw the DVD out of the window.

"Go ahead and toss them out the window then," Manami flashes a single canine tooth in that twisted smile of hers, "Just know that I'll throw you right out to get them."

After Hikaru puts in the DVD and gets on the bed to watch, the video immediately starts with a sex scene of a man plowing a woman from behind. As Manami is happy that this film "doesn't mess around" and goes straight to the good part, there's a visual gag where she's munching on a bowl of popcorn. Because the microwave's in the kitchen, and they were in the room drinking all night, Hikaru asks where did she get that... only to be shushed because the sex is getting good. In the video, the guy suddenly hears a car pulling up in a driveway, so the woman tells him to hurry because she's about to cum but she doesn't want "mom and dad" to catch them together. So the guy hurries up and makes them both orgasm, her parents come home to say hi to the kids.

At this point, the two characters in the video are revealed to be brothers and sisters, and the chapter ends when Hikaru and Manami makes that connection.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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