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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 4)


(Art by junkpuyo)

Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - Again, since a lot of the text was about the erotica, I'm going to do my best to summarize what happened. So, the guy starts foreplaying with the pizza delivery girl, and started eating her out. I'm reading that I compared her clit to an "antennae" that needs to be adjusted for better "reception," and I cringed a little inside. Then I evidently compared the guy's tongue to a "paint brush" with a "coat of saliva" ready to make her vagina "sleek and shiny." My goodness, just kill me now. >^< Anyway, while all of this is happening, Hikaru and Manami are both kind of "embarrassed," so they kind of "withdraw" a little... but since both of them are thinking the other is into this, neither of them wants to stop watching.

Apparently, I still have more cringey comparisons! I'm reading that I compared the woman's mouth to a "bucket of water" that the man needs to "scrub" his second "brush" off with — the penis — and that the globs of "residue" on his "brush" has been sticking around for quite a while. The man then grabs the woman by the hair to "dunk" his brush deep inside her, and while Hikaru winces how painful it looks, Manami looks like she wants that to happen to her. Despite that, Hikaru notices that he's getting aroused by the video, so since he's sitting next to Manami, it's awkward... but Manami has her eyes glued to the screen.

(Art by atobesakunolove)

When the woman finishes licking up all of the cum, noting that it's as gooey as the pizza she had earlier, she gets on the bed and spread herself wide open. At this point, the video suddenly pauses, and Manami turns to Hikaru and asks if he wants a better look. Hikaru is obviously flustered, asking "why would I want to do that?", and Manami points out that it's because he spent a lot of time "staring" at Manami's when she was masturbating. Hikaru defends himself by saying that he didn't move because he was so shocked — comparing himself to a "deer in headlights" — then asks Manami why didn't she cover herself up. She tells Hikaru not to talk during the movie.

"What?" Hikaru chuckles, "You started it!"

"And now I'm ending it." she sticks a tongue at him.

So the guy and the pizza delivery girl starts having sex, and there's a lot more moaning than there was before. Similar to when people "check" on their friends when they're watching a movie together to see if they're enjoying it, Hikaru and Manami both kind of try to sneak a peek at the other while not making direct eye contact. Again, since I'm more of a visual storyteller, I don't think I've written this part right, and definitely have no idea how to properly convey it in text either. Regardless, in an effort to break the silence between the two — a stark contrast to their joking behavior earlier — Manami says something lewd, which causes Hikaru to fluster.

(Art by asahina hikage)

"Please don't say something like that to your brother," Hikaru winces.

"Sorry, but you're just soooooooo cute!" Manami apologizes.

"Please don't say something like that to your brother when he's watching porn," Hikaru smirks.

Get ready for another cringy moment. So, when Manami tries to smack Hikaru as a joke, he tries to defend himself. She, being the oldest and larger of the two — man, I always had a thing for being overpowered by women — manages to pin him down. So, in an effort to escape, Hikaru grabs one of Manami's stuffed animals — a snake — and whips it at her, knocking her on her back. In order to defend herself, Manami picks up a giant stuffed cat to block his attacks and... well, you can see where I'm going with this. Hikaru would sling his snake at Manami's cat while she's saying things like "stop pounding my pussy with your giant snake!"

Eventually, Manami sees an opening and tackles Hikaru to bed, trying to smother him with her stuffed cat. "How do you like my pussy in your face?" she'd say. Hikaru tells her that he can't breathe, but Manami tells him that he's not getting out until she's satisfied. Hikaru then turns his head towards the TV to breathe, then tells Manami that they're missing the good part. Distracted, Manami eagerly turn towards the TV — drool coming out of her mouth — but when the people in the video are "just having sex," Manami asks "what 'good part?'" Hikaru would then smack her with his snake, winning the fight.

(Artist unknown)

After a couple of laughs, Manami asks Hikaru if they want to do this again. Hikaru jokes that they can't because she "broke his snake", but when Manami clarifies that she meant watching porn, Hikaru says "why not." He notes that the porn video is still going, and they have a few conversations teasing each other. It's a little cringy, but essentially, Hikaru would joke how "unrealistic" the porn video is, but Manami tells Hikaru that since he watches hentai, he can't make those kinds of claims. She points out that "boobs don't bounce like basketballs", but Hikaru retorts that she's just mad because her breasts can't.

Then Manami tells Hikaru that his penis size is nothing like the guys in any of their porn videos, which Hikaru is defensive of. He says that it's a cheap shot because, unlike breasts, penis size is crucial for having sex, as boobs are just decoration. He then suddenly asks her how does she even know his penis size, and before she "answers," her stomach starts growling, She uses it as an excuse to walk away from the subject, so, despite how eager Hikaru is to know the answer, they decide to get something to eat. When Hikaru pauses the video though, he notices that there's still an hour left in the video. Wondering what happens next, he fast-forwards it to see that the partygoers have arrived just in time to see them having sex, so they turn the "party" into an orgy.

"An orgy?" Hikaru raises a brow, "You wanted the first porn video we watch to be an orgy?"

"It didn't start out as an orgy," Manami twiddles her fingers, "It just sorta escalades into one..."

(Art by dl)

After Manami makes Hikaru promise to finish the video, the two go into the kitchen to get something to eat. However, since the two have been avoiding each other by staying locked up in their rooms, neither of them had time to go shopping. Hikaru suggests that they could order a pizza, but Manami — after crushing Hikaru's hopes that "not all delivery girls want to have sex" — tells Hikaru that she's hungry now. Hikaru then asks what she wants to do, and she says she wants to go to the Pop Rock Diner. She then tells Hikaru to get ready while she go get changed. When she comes out, she's dressed in a rather fancy dress.

"Aren't you a little too well-dressed?" Hikaru asks.

"Can't a girl look nice?" Manami teases him with a wink and a smile.

"You want to look nice going to dinner with her brother?" Hikaru cocks his head, "Isn't that kind of sad?"

"So you're saying I should go change?" Manami pulls her thumb towards her room, "You better say I look nice, because I know you're just as hungry as I am."

Obviously, he says that she looks nice and they get going. When they arrive at the restaurant, Manami asks what's up with Hikaru, since it's been a while since they last seen each other. Hikaru tries to say everything's fine, but Manami knows that he's thinking about something else. She tries to comfort him by saying she's here for him, and Hikaru acknowledges that... but still doesn't say what's bothering him. Suddenly, Manami looks over Hikaru's shoulder, tells him that "this will cheer him up", then gets up from her seat to wave Hitomi over. Hikaru immediately stops her and drags her to hide with him under the table.

(Art by kousei (public planet))

Once Manami breaks free, she asks Hikaru what's going on. Hikaru tries to weasal his way out of it by saying that he wants to surprise Hitomi, and that Manami would ruin his attempt, but Manami knows that he's lying. Regardless, Hikaru hopes underneath his breath that Hitomi wouldn't be seated in the booth next to theirs... but since the diner is packed tonight like it usually is, it's the "only" seat available. With this, Hikaru curses underneath his breath.

"Damn the Goddess," Hikaru curses softly.

"Hikaru!" Manami reprimands Hikaru for saying Her title in vain.

"I'm pretty sure She had something to do with this," Hikaru looks away.

Since the chapter ends here, let me explain some things. As I said, all of my stories are connected, so they exist in the same universe. Instead of using a real religion — actually, the other religions might also exist, but used as different beliefs, like how the real world have multiple religions — most of my characters believe in the Goddess religion. As such, I wanted them to say things like Brianna's "Goddess fucking damn it" in order to kind of help keep things religiously sensitive without outright denying religion exists. There's also a mythos that gets detailed in some of the fantasy projects I wanted to work on, but not now!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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