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Passion Project: Project S.O.S. (Chapter 3)


(Art by rei (rei's room))

Intro + Prologue + Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Naturally, hearing that your older sister wants to watch a porn video with you is enough to take Hikaru aback. He asks her "why, why would you even suggest something like that?", which she replies that since he was going to watch the DVD anyway, they might as well watch it together. Of course, Hikaru points out that he wasn't actually going to watch it, that he was only trying to comfort her. In fact, he says he's a little bit too freaked out about how "animalistic" the video was, particularly noting how much cum was being sprayed out.

Again, since I "wrote a book", there's a lot of padding in the form of colorful exchanges. So, in the effort of time, I'll summarize some of what happens. Manami tells Hikaru that the amount of cum shouldn't bother him because his porn videos over-exaggerate the amount a single person could make, whereas her videos have multiple men. Hikaru tries to act like he doesn't know what she's talking about, but Manami points out that she knows about the dirty DVDs and hentai mangas he's hiding.

"You've been inside my room, reading through my magazines and watching my DVDs?" Hikaru raises a brow, "Talk about an invasion of privacy, here!"

"Oh, don't talk to me about an 'invasion of privacy...'" Manami scowl, "Mr. Barges-in-on-his sister!?"

"Hey, that 'incident' was an accident! You went through my stuff without my permission!" Hikaru points out.

"Permission?" Manami narrows her eyes. "Did I give you permission to enter my room? I bet you didn't even knock!"

"How would you know? You were listening to an orgy!"

"It was a gangbang!"

(Art by negom)

After the argument cools down, Hikaru and Manami realize that their taste in porn isn't too different from one another, although I wanted to twist the trope a bit. Normally, it's the man who's usually into the carnal desires of sex, whereas the woman like the intimacy; supposedly, from a study I read, it's the reason why women prefer erotic literature over porn videos. Anyway, Hikaru jokes that when he heard Manami's gangbang video — the one she was watching, just so we're clear — he jokes that she was getting off to the Animal Channel. She tells him that she loves the quality of the headphones, which Hikaru reminds her that they're his. She asks if he wants them back, and he asks if she "touched" them when she "touched" herself. "I'll buy you another pair," she says.

Anyway, Hikaru agrees to watch the porn video with Manami. She's obviously excited, but then asks Hikaru if he's sure, since they're brother and sister. He tells her that she's also his friend, which Manami appreciates. She gives him a light hug, then pushes him out of the way so she can dive right into her porn collection to find the perfect DVD to watch. Hikaru is surprised by her vault of porn, and scared by how Manami is almost drooling at the possibilities. Eventually, she picks one to show to Hikaru, and it's just as extreme as the one she was watching before. He's very reluctant to start with something as hardcore as a gangbang for their first time.

"I mean, how in the world is that even possible?" Hikaru widens his eyes.

Manami nods her head. "Oh, see, all you have to do is-"

"I was being rhetorical!" Hikaru shoves the DVD into her chest.

(Art by 4 (nakajima4423))

Since Hikaru is obviously afraid of what Manami wants to dive into, she offers Hikaru the choice to pick. However, because Manami has a huge selection of porn, all of which will take a lot of time to shift through, Hikaru is undecided. Similar to how Hitomi ordered food for him at the restaurant, Manami picks another DVD, telling him that he should like this one because it's the closest fetish that he's into. Hikaru is disturbed that Manami knows what kind of porn he's into, but Manami points out that it isn't hard to deduce what he's into since all of his porn is so "vanilla." Hikaru tells her that he likes his type because it's within his comfort zone, but Manami tells him that he needs to expand his horizons or else he'll never know what else he's into.

She then brings up the time when Hikaru told Hitomi that he never had sushi before because he doesn't like the idea of eating raw fish/ eggs. This causes Hikaru to reminisce — not flashback — to a time where Hitomi literally dragged him out of the house to go to the supermarket where she bought all of the supplies they needed. Hikaru tried to tell Hitomi that they could buy "supermarket" sushi, but apparently the idea "horrified" Hitomi. She made him a batch and begged him to eat it, and when he did, he enjoyed it so much that he ate all of it. This caused him to feel so bad that he offered to take Hitomi to a new restaurant opening, which started their ritual of going to new restaurants when they open.

(Art by sakaki imasato)

Manami then tells Hikaru that she's actually been jealous of Hitomi because of that. She tells Hikaru that she wanted to have a "tradition" like that with her brother, which Hikaru had been unaware of. He tries her that they could have something like that as well, but he doesn't know what it is that they could do. Then, he sees Manami holding a porn DVD up to her face, her smile so wide that the corners peek out from behind. Hikaru wonders out loud if Manami purposely manipulated the conversation so that it would end up like this, but she shrugs it off. Regardless, Hikaru agrees to watch the DVD, but only if he could change his pants first. He doesn't say why, but Manami knows. We all do. :P

When Hikaru returns, Manami tells Hikaru that she just finished putting in a DVD. She tells him that it's not extreme or anything, so Hikaru asks if she chose a "softcore" film. Manami immediately goes on a rant about how she hates softcore films because they only show boobs and tease sex rather than showing the good parts. Hikaru reasons that that's the perfect reason why they should start with something like that, but Manami says that since this whole situation is awkward anyway, they might as well go all the way. She explains that since Hikaru has seen a penis before, and seen a vagina before, that there's no reason why he can't see "a couple dozen" at once. Regardless, Manami eases his concerns by saying they're starting easy.

(Art by zawameki)

Before the porn video actually starts, I wrote about how awkward it is trying to find a spot to sit. I detailed in an earlier chapter that their "house" is pretty much a small apartment, so it stands to reason that the rooms are small. As such, besides sitting at the desk, the only other spot for Hikaru to sit is in Manami's queen sized bed. Under normal circumstances, this isn't a problem, but Hikaru finds it weird to cuddle next to Manami if they're going to watch a porn video. However, they decide to do it anyway since they want to share the blanket.

The next half of the chapter is also awkwardly written. See, I'm more of a visual storyteller, so this section was hard to write. In a nod to Mystery Science Theater 3000, I wanted Hikaru and Manami to comment on the porn video while they're watching it, making fun of all of the absurdities. I tried to try my hand at writing erotica with the overly "cheesy" undertones of badly acted porn, but rather than copy+paste that here (again, I was a bad writer back then >^<) I'll just summarize what I wrote.

(Art by hima)

The video starts with a guy preparing for a party, but there's a thunderstorm. He gets a call from his friends that there's an accident on the freeway, so traffic's blocked up and they aren't going to make it. The guy says that "these things happen", but he's obviously disappointed. When he hears the doorbell, he sees that it's the pizza delivery girl. Since it's raining, the guy invites her in to dry off, and they get to talking and stuff. He tells her what happened with the party, but the woman tries to cheer him up by saying that they have all this food and beer to themselves. He asks if she needs to get back to her job, but she says that she's just going to use the "freeway traffic" excuse to not go back.

So they get all liquored up and, after some sexual teasing such as eating the "extra gooey pizza" and all that, she says that she should go. He tells her that she can't drive in her condition, and offers to let her stay the night. He says that she can use his roommate's room, but she teases that she doesn't want to impose on the roommate, so she wants to sleep in his room. He asks if he should sleep on the couch, but she says that "oh, but there's room for us both" when she sees the queen sized bed, because of course there's one! Anyway, they start making out, and the chapter ends when they're both naked and ready to have sex, and Hikaru/ Manami are nervous.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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