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My Favorite Videogame Doujinshi (Part 1 of 2)


Due to the size (this is the longest I've ever written[/i]), I decided to separate this into two pieces so I don't overwhelm anybody with a huge load of text, pun intended due to the nature of this blog.

Videogames are almost essentially my life, as I assume it to be a good chunk of yours. For me, however, videogames are such a huge part of me that I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I never picked up a controller and started stomping on Goombas and chewing on 'shrooms. Videogames are on my mind even when I'm not playing, from me accessing articles and reading reviews to fraternizing on forums. Every now and then I would somehow relate my English paper with a videogame, and once or twice I've had a brief stint where I wrote a couple of embarassing fanfictions. One day, I hope to be developing, directing, writing, or all of the above, my own videogame, but that's a distant dream.

Now, I'm not saying I don't watch TV, or purchase a couple of anime DVDs every once in a while, but, point reiterated, I'm a huge fan of videogames, so it should be of no surprise to anyone that a lot of my porn search terms relate to videogames. For all my life, I guess I've always been more (though not completely) attracted to girls from animes and videogames than I do real ones, and as thus, most of the time when I need my fix, I type in the word "hentai" more often than I do "porn". However, I never really find "anime" hentai entertaining: the art style are often too crude for my taste, and the animations are seemingly low-budget and hardly, if ever, enticing. In fact, I get pretty turned off watching these types of adult content that I barely sit through the whole thing.

This actually happened to me once, but with my pants off

So, instead, I turn my attention more towards stationary images, but, while good in quality, are typically only good for poster pin-ups. That leaves me with my favorite type of adult-age appropriate content: hentai mangas. Hentai mangas fascincate me more because it has the same artistic quality that one sees in single illustrations, but they usually form a narrative. Sure, a lot of the time it's mainly your typical "people have sex" type scenarios, and the narrative feels like a string of sexual acts done in sometimes rapid succession, but sometimes there's a bit of heart in the story, and it can be sometimes endearing to experience. For this reason, I have adopted perusing translated hentai mangas as a tertiary hobby: sometimes I read so many that I actually have to take a break and wait for the next "wave" of them to appear.

This brings me to my blog, where I combine my two favorite hobbies and talk about my favorite hentai mangas based on videogames! I've read a bunch of these already (again, it's a hobby), but a lot of them are typically "I love you, let's have sex" or "let's rape these girls until they start going crazy" type scenarios; sometimes the girls they feature only vaguely resembles like some bad cosplay! However, the ones I've chosen for this blog are the ones that I find to be, even just a bit, more than the average gathering, and ones that I highly enjoy: in no particular order, these are my favorite hentai mangas based on videogames!

Now, perhap disappointingly, I don't intend to show anything graphic or start talking about how detailed a certain body part look because I want to keep this as safe for work as possible, despite the subject matter. I will also not provide any links. Otherwise, if there's something that should be editted out, I will do so. Also, some of these actually contain spoilers for their respective games, and I will alert you of them.

Monhan no Erohon 9 (Monster Hunter)
Cover image not safe for work

I'll be honest: as much as I love the idea of the Monster Hunter series (the premise of gathering fellow hunters, hitting up the village to stock up on supplies before heading out to a designated hunting area to take down one of these gigantic beasts is the stuff of many fantasy dreams), I unforunately haven't played many of them: I could've, but a lot of times I would be hunting by myself due to lack of equipment, so I never wanted to invest in a solo experience; even now the 3DS game requires a Wii U to connect online, which mean, like when I didn't PS3 when I had a PSP and I wanted to adhoc, I still have to hunt alone.

That means I never played any of the games, and if there's another entry with online capabilities that I can access to, then I'll readily dive in. I'm assuming that there's no narrative between games, or if there is, then it's a loose one, so I'm not worried about missing any plot point; evidently, that doesn't really apply to the set of Monster Hunter doujinshi (hentai manga, in the context of this blog) out there. There's a particular series that are numbered (I think going on 15 at the time of writing?) that are linked together, with a brief summary of previous issues, though it generally seems like an oversaturated series of sex, using either different character in the same scenarios, or the same characters in a different one.

So why did I pick this one? Because I found the story a bit... touching, pun intended. Alright, first of all, I actually bought this issue (don't ask how much, I'm still "embarassed" at how much I spent) and it feels about as heavy as a regular graphic novel paperback for a reason: it's about 50 or so pages. However, while 40 of those pages are elicit content, the 10 remaining are dedicated to telling a different kind of plot, and I have to think that it might actually be a sequel to one of the older issues (I only read a couple of entries): the plot, plain and simple, is about a Monster Hunter who ran into a fellow hunter whom he raped before, and now wants to rape again. I know, I know, sounds like any other porn material, right?

At first, you don't succeed...

Here's the slight twist: before he could take advantage of her, two other guys comes in (pun unintended) and plan to rape this same woman by tricking her into going to a hunt with them, where they'll trap her in a desolate area. Not wanting his prize to be claimed by these "scumbags," the "hero" (I don't recall a name being given so we'll stick to calling him that) wants to tag along with in order to keep a close watch on her, but there's a problem: his armor is too familiar, as it is the same one he wore when he first raped the heroine, so he can't go with them unless he changes... and all that he has on him is a boar's head and a loincloth. Mmm... now there's something for the ladies...

Anyway, he tags along, and just as the hero suspects, the dastardly duo proceeds with the raping... but instead of joining in, the hero saves the girl by disabling them and leaving them to rot. Since he doesn't want to rape her now, most likely the dup ruining his mood, the hero decides to do it another day, and invites her to another hunt. She agrees, and the plan is set into motion... but like most plans, it doesn't go smoothly, and the hero finds himself... enjoying his hunts together with the girl, and fails to rape her. He keeps saying that he's going to do it, but again and again, he couldn't go through with it. Was he falling in love? Was the story going to end with a romantic tryst of love?

Does this answer that question?

Well, eventually, the guy works up the courage to rape her, and even does it in the armor he wore the first time he raped her. And, like your typical hentai, she lets herself get raped, and the guy takes it as a sign that she truly wanted it to happen, and acts accordingly. However, in what surprised me, she says that she doesn't really want it, and that she's only allowing him to do what he wants because she's heartbroken: turns out, she was falling for the guy as well, and she is sand and disappointed that this was only what he wanted. I don't really recall what happened right afterwards, you can assume what I had my mind occupied with, but I think it must've ended up with them admitting their feelings to one another.

After the hot, steamy action, you see the hero carrying the heroine on his back. Dazed and sleepy, the heroine wakes up and the hero, in that typical love clich'e where "the guy can't outright admit that he likes the girl", makes excuses to why he's carrying her: he doesn't want to wait for her to wake up because it would be an inconvenience. However, he says that, if she wants to, he wouldn't mind if she accompanies him while he go on hunts for material gathering, and wordlessly, she just snuggles up to him, smiling. Unforunately, they don't end up together, but you could see the influence she had on him at the end: after leaving the village, the hero teams up with his buddy to go on hunts, only this time, he traded his long sword for a lance, which is the same weapon type that the heroine uses. He makes excuses that he's only doing this because lance-users are more compatible with other Hunters, but I think there's more to it than that.

Anyway, while it doesn't necessarily use the Monster Hunter universe to tell its story, although there are references to the game like cooking foods, weaponry, monsters, and armor, I still found it to be above average when it comes to adult comics, and I really liked the simple, yet effective, story they had going on.

The Last Decision (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
Cover art is actually unrelated to the game
[Note: Spoilers for the game!]

Speaking of porn plots, as much as I would've enjoyed a Palutena x Pit storyline (there actually is one, but it's untranslated and I assume, by the pictures, that it's your typical "let's have sex" scenario)... what I like about this doujinshi is that it actually incorporates a bit of the actual story of the videogame, particularly the ending, and gives it a different context to the situation: just like at the end of the game, Pit takes on the head honcho of the evil things happening in the world, Hades, in a spectacular fight. However, just when things might be lost for the young lad, out of nowhere Medusa, the villian of previous games who is thought to be the main antagonist of this game, joins in the fight, saving Pit in the nick of time.

However, in the game proper, it's implied that Medusa only saved Pit because she believed that he is their best shot at taking down Hades, and that she contributes to his fight because she doesn't want to be Hades' puppet anymore (much like Megatron in Michael Bay's Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon, which features a different kind of explosions). Of course, in this perverse version of the tale, the doujinshi shows that somewhere during the story, Pit loses power to his wings and, being imprisoned, resides in Medusa's realm. To be honest, I tried to "catch up" with the story by searching for it online, but I was unable to find the translated version of the tale. Anyway, I assume she tells him that she harbors feelings towards the plucky young lad, telling him how jealous she is of Palutena that she has someone to depend on, and, of course, proceeds to have sex with him.

Yes, they start doing it, and it still seems like your typical "let's have sex" scenario, but I liked how the author/writer changes the context of her appearance at the end of the game with this "what if" scenario: now, instead of Medusa saving Pit in order to benefit herself with the fall of Hades, she fell in love with the angelic hero and is now risking her life to save him, just as Pit does for her. I would kind of compare this to the way Dead Rising 2: Off the Record provided a different context for story: even though they do essentially the same thing, in DR2 proper, Chuck Greene is investigating the conspiracy to clear his name, whereas in DR2: Off the Record, Frank West is merely trying to reach the heights of fame and fortune once again.

Art's a little awkward and funny looking, but that didn't ruin the scene to me

And like the ending of both aforementioned games, the ending is also different as a result: in the actual videogame, Pit takes down Hades with a powerful force, and he soars through the sky triumphant of his recent victory of the big baddie before reporting back to Palutena to continue to be her servant. In the doujinshi, while he's still successful in his battle with Hades, Medusa and Pit both fall in battle, and Palutena is unable to resurrect either of them... at least, not as who they once were. With her magic, she restores Dark Pit's flying abilities so he could take over Pit's duty while he and Medusa, both now mortal and human, spend the rest of their lives together... and most likely as a couple, considering that they slept with each other previously, despite their age difference (the ending has Medusa waking Pit up for breakfast, and you see him gorging on food while Medusa watches with a smile, kind of like a mother/son type thing).

Like I said earlier, I felt like this blog was going to be too big for anyone to read, so I'll be posting part 2 on another day. Besides, I only have 4 doujinshi in particular I want to talk about, and this is a good a place to cut it in half (this paragraph is actually an edit): not only are these the two that I liked but not as much as the others, they also kind of light in tone, and even have a happish ending to them. In the next two doujinshi, the next entry is pretty dark (though not the worst I've seen) and neither of them ends on a happy note, but I really loved their stories, so I can't wait to post about it! Anyway, until then, fellow Dtoiders!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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