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Comments of the Week - What you've been waiting for


Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another exciting round of Comments of the Week! I'm sure there's a Mayweather/ Pacquio joke in there somewhere but I'm not going to make it. Anyway, this series is all about showcasing some of the best comments said by the community this week, so whether you want to relive some of your favorite moments, or was simply gone while we carried on, then this is for you. Because I'm too lazy to make my own categories, every comment will be placed within these three:

TRUTH: money makes the world go round.

LOL: because the aliens pushing it won't do it for free.

WUT?: if they go on strike?

Did you miss last week's edition? I don't blame you: it was released on a Tuesday after all. I know, Tuesdays, right? What's so special about those?

From The Heist demo for Project Morpheus used to allow you to shoot yourself

Dreamweaver: I think someone found a new home!

From Final Fantasy creator promises new RPG, has no ideas for it

Dreamweaver: Pink hair: the female version of blue-balls.

Dreamweaver: If it was Capcom, you'd have to pay to unlock the ideas.

From How come Toad is my favorite Mario character?

Dreamweaver: The deadpan face just kills me.

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, Script.

Dreamweaver: ...I see what you did there.

Dreamweaver: If doing this is wrong, then gosh darn it, I don't wanna feel right!

From NetherRealm promises 'huge improvements' for the PC port of Mortal Kombat X

Dreamweaver: Never trust a man named Boon.

From Review: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Dreamweaver: I think 8 is Germany enough.

From P.T. is no longer available for download, even if it's already in your library

Dreamweaver: Dogs are man's best friend, and Konami's our worst enemy.

From This Chain Chomp cat bed is amazing

Dreamweaver: That's what they want you to think...

Dreamweaver: That'd be frustratingly cute.

From I'm seriously considering buying this 'Modern Super Sonic' figure

Dreamweaver: Yet ChillyBilly would still have one.

From Nintendo is back to making a profit

Dreamweaver: Well, they made P.T. Then took it down. That stings worse.

From The AT-ST will be playable in Battlefront

Dreamweaver: Only nerds will get that reference!

From Have you had any problems with your DualShock 4 controllers?

Dreamweaver: Yeah, I wonder if Carter plays videogames the way they do on TV. It's the only logical explanation as to how he's able to do it all.

Dreamweaver: I know what console I'd want in an apocalypse!

Dreamweaver: That's disturbingly creepy! :D

From Nintendo plans to release 5 smartphone games in 2 years

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn you all.

Dreamweaver: I can't wait to one day make something and see all the bootlegs of it to come out. That's how you know you made it.

Dreamweaver: It's true, he did.

From Microsoft's age guessing app puts Dead or Alive fighter at 12 years old

Dreamweaver: That face -- or the lack of -- is just perfect.

Dreamweaver: Wait... does your scrotum have a face? Don't answer that.

From Hello, I'm Occams. Ask me a Question

Dreamweaver: YOU BLEW IT!

Dreamweaver: If that's the end, I'd like to be dead by then.

From Tweet embedded MS-DOS games disabled by Twitter

Dreamweaver: Pixie burn. The seventh worst type of burns.

From Steam currency issue made Indonesians rich

Dreamweaver: Oh boy, something to look forward to!

From For some crazy reason, Amazon discounted a Star Wars: The Old Republic bundle today

Dreamweaver: Looks like this Photoshop got the five finger discount.

From id Software wanted to pay for your mods in 1995

Dreamweaver: I haven't done that in months either :3

From PS4 sales hit two million in the UK

Dreamweaver: ...They're not. Least it wasn't an Xbox One.

From Homophobic and transphobic game pulled from Greenlight

Dreamweaver: I'm sorry if this is wrong, but I couldn't resist laughing.

Dreamweaver: I can't lie, he has a certain charm to him.

From The Misadventures of Tron Bonne out now on PSN

Dreamweaver: The Misadventures of Bashtarle's cat.

From Nintendo has shipped 10.5 million amiibo worldwide

Dreamweaver: I still think that's inaccurate.

From Weekend deals: Witcher III, Project Cars & other May releases

Dreamweaver: Gajknight for president!

From Arkham Knight's batty $40 season pass includes Batgirl campaign

Dreamweaver: All this upvoting is getting me upvoted... I mean my penis. Subtle.

From #GamerGate get-together sabotaged by threats

Dreamweaver: Nah man, gotta see it in IMAX theatres.

Dreamweaver: That's the sequel to The Last of Us.

From Legendary Castlevania producer 'IGA' seems to be teasing his next game

Dreamweaver: ...Go on...

From Ultra-rare Misadventures of Tron Bonne might be coming to PSOne Classics

Dreamweaver: ...

From Yoshimitsu is coming to Tekken 7

Dreamweaver: ...That answer your questions?

From That Marth amiibo restock may have already came and went on Amazon

Dreamweaver: I'm learning for the first time so many things aren't real... I need a moment to process this.

That's all for this edition, folks! Remember to keep on commenting, you lovably lugs, you!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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