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Comments of the Week - "What the what!?" edition


Welcome back to Comments of the Week, folks! If you're just tuning in, what took you so long? This is a weekly segment where yours truly gathers up all the funny things the community had said to compile them in one convenient spot. Whether you've been out and about, or simply want to relive some of last week's best moments, then this is for you. Comments are always placed within three easy categories:

TRUTH: I cannot tell a lie.

LOL: Damn, do I look fly.

WUT?: You're gonna need to tip me to know what I'm wearing. :3

If you missed last week's edition, I don't blame you. Splatoon did drop last week, and I bet many of y'all were playing it so much, you'd think you were "Splatooning" yourselves. Anyway, here's the link, just wash your hands first. To get rid of the ink. Gosh, y'all perverts.

From Here's roughly 10 minutes of Fire Emblem if gameplay

Dreamweaver: ...I'd still hit it.

From Chibi Robo gets a 2D action platformer on 3DS and an amiibo

Dreamweaver: As someone who legitimately wanted the triple pack to actually use for the in-game stuff, I share this sentiment exactly.

From Dragon Quest VIII is looking good on the 3DS

Dreamweaver: I'm hoping the two comments aren't related.

From Cobra Club made me think intelligently about dick security

Dreamweaver: One of every three people is a Dtoider at heart.

From Sony remastering its 2010 E3 press conference for 2015

Dreamweaver: But E3 remastered is supposed to be the best version of E3! What a half-ass port!

From Katamari designer's new game Wattam is all warm and fuzzy

Dreamweaver: I say the same thing when I watch donkey shows.

From The Nintendo World Championships will have The Legend of Zelda

Dreamweaver: They bring that old thing back.

From Activision confirms Skylanders SuperChargers, coming this year

Dreamweaver: Now how will Nintendo make money!?

From Creator blames Konami for end of popular 27-year-old series

Dreamweaver: Konami employees are obviously oblivious.

From Hitman: Sniper opens fire on iOS, Android today

Dreamweaver: Square Enix sounds like this hooker I know who's really bent on taking me home. She seems pretty nice though.

From Jigglypuff punching Mario straight in the dick

Dreamweaver: Bowser? Mo' like OWser!


I apologize.

From Latest NBA 2K16 news is everything that is wrong with the NBA 2K series

Dreamweaver: I'd rather EA not charge money for my rescue.

From Did NewEgg just leak Windows 10 pricing and release date?

Dreamweaver: Computer jokes only nerds will get.

From Nintendo NX might be running on Android

Dreamweaver: Hey, that was an important day in internet history!

Dreamweaver: I can. BOO!

From CD Projekt Red provides huge patch note dump for Witcher 3

Dreamweaver: I prefer melons over lemons anyway. We're talking about boobs, right?

Dreamweaver: No one said being a Witcher was easy!

From Dragon Age Inquisition lead: more story DLC on the way

Dreamweaver: Nathan D sounds like he'd be on top.

From New Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer shows off highly unsafe climbing practices

Dreamweaver: I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I wanna head in the same direction a skeleton's pointing at.

From Tanya in Mortal Kombat X has my favorite Fatality yet

Dreamweaver: New Yorkers, man, always in a hurry.

From Steam now offers full refunds for any reason

Dreamweaver: He comes with his own parachutes!

Dreamweaver: Plot twist: he wasn't wearing any.

From That white Xbox One Master Chief bundle's available now

Dreamweaver: My controllers are white. They weren't when I bought them.

From Square Enix assures fans that Lighting Returns is still coming to PC

Dreamweaver: I'd be angry if I didn't have my face in her crotch, too.

From A Witcher GIF that'll make you lose your mind

Dreamweaver: He clearly cut his neck in half.

Dreamweaver: I got a little dsylexic at Dr. Mel's comment and thought it said MILF. I read it again and now I'm disappointed, especially when Occams promised I could be king of Fuck Mountain.

From Expensive dick moderation helped kill the last LEGO MMO

Dreamweaver: How the hell did no one reply "IT'S NOT A TUMOR!"?

From Lucas will make his debut in Super Smash Bros. on June 14

Dreamweaver: Son of a squid!

From KK Slider coming to Smash Bros. in costume form

Dreamweaver: I usually absorb their cum.

From Sexy Perro: Is our site busted for you in any way?

Dreamweaver: And now I have Perro's powers.

Dreamweaver: Who will then demand that you show him what the problem is.

From Review: Shooter

Dreamweaver: This is what happens when you remove instruction manuals.

Dreamweaver: Schrodinger's Score.

From Nude, nippleless boy in the official Splatoon manga

Dreamweaver: And I thought mine looked funny.

From Stonehearth is out now on Steam Early Access

Dreamweaver: But then it gets in your eyes... wait, what were we talking about?

From Contest: Win an Enhance GX-M1 Gaming Mouse!

Dreamweaver: He also needs to use a weed wacker.

Dreamweaver: Best comment this week, hands down... my pants.

From PSN accidentally leaks Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection

Dreamweaver: ...Are we talking about the gun or the penis?

From All Mojang staff were offered $300K not to leave company

Dreamweaver: I got on the ground and put a "Slim Jim" in my mouth for $10 once, too.

Dreamweaver: Gutter? I hardly know her!

From Batman: Arkham Knight clocks in at 45GB

Dreamweaver: Why would I want a girl when I can have all the waifus I could want?

From NBA 2K16's main character is named Frequency Vibrations

Dreamweaver: On the bright side, "a lot" isn't "ALL the time"!

Dreamweaver: What's the difference between radioactive Charles Barkley and regular one?

From Amazon confirms Microsoft's poorly-kept E3 surprises

Dreamweaver: Obama dropped the bom-ba!

From Wander on PS4 and PC is horribly broken

Dreamweaver: What if that's what Konami's been doing all along, so we'd all be forced to play PACHINKO for our kicks!?

Well, that's all for this edition, folks! Hopefully we'll meet again next week, so stay funny until then, and maybe you can be featured next!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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