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Comments of the Week - Trick or Treat edition


Why hello there, friends. Oh no, please, don't mind me, I'm just throwing away the skeletons left on my yard. You'd be surprised how many people think these are fake.

Welcome back to another round of Comments of the Week, hosted by yours truly. This is where you can see all of the funny comments that's been said by community members such as yourselves, all in one place. So whether you've been out Trick-or-Treating, or simply need something to read because those damn kids stole your morning paper for giving them raisins (seriously, who the hell does either of those things?), then this is for you. As always, you can expect comments to fall into three categories:

TRUTH: In medieval Europe, it's said that hearing an owl's call means someone's about to die.

LOL: Wait, who is doing this?


Oh my, is that a large bag of candy sitting on your lap, or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it's a bag of candy? Well, surely you don't intend to eat the whole thing without something to drink, do you? This has been sitting in my fridge for about a week, but I'm sure it's still good. Here, why don't you have a sip?


Nope, it turns out the poison's still potent. Oh well. It's time for me to have a taste test... of your CANDY. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAH!


From Konami's new Bomberman is for smartphones

Dreamweaver: What does Yoda know anyway?

From You'll be able to pre-load Fallout 4 on all platforms

Dreamweaver: But that's like half the game right there!

Dreamweaver: But I wanted to Miiverse the water!

From Assassin's Creed Syndicate had the worst UK launch in series history

Dreamweaver: Confirmed: even people in London knows that London sucks.

From Here's the newest trailer for PlayStation VR's RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Dreamweaver: I want that to happen just so I can laugh at people using it behind their backs like a coward.

From John Carpenter didn't sue Hideo Kojima because 'he's a nice guy'

Dreamweaver: Hey, we need someone to help lower the bar for us.

From Don't worry, Nintendo Directs are still a thing, one coming this year

Dreamweaver: I've seen enough netorare hentais to know there's no point getting married with hunks like him around.

From Koei Tecmo is localizing Gust's dark new RPG

Dreamweaver: Where'd he go? I say, I say, where'd he go?

From What special in-game events are happening this Halloween?

Dreamweaver: I can confirm, he did use the word "spoopy."

From Digital Foundry on Arkham Knight PC: 'No improvements from interim patch in September'

Dreamweaver: Warner Bros sound like a group of no-good misfits already.

Dreamweaver: People can fap more than once at a time?


From A cancelled Darth Maul game from a few years ago might still happen

Dreamweaver: They would, but they're dead.

From Review: The Park

Dreamweaver: In my opinion, people who do "wine tastings" are missing the point of drinking wine.

From Sega is apparently looking into re-releasing the first two Shenmue games

Dreamweaver: Next time, make sure to hit the "question mark" key instead of the "period."

From Do you prefer Sonic Adventure 1 or 2?

Dreamweaver: They'll make beautiful Sonic fan art together.

From Yep, Tekken 7 is headed to consoles

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, Captain!

From Let's stop pretending Halo 5's gameplay matters

Dreamweaver: I got a stick with white cheese that landed me in jail as well.

From November's Games with Gold lineup disappoints

Dreamweaver: I'm sure it's because he's still trying to wrap his head around the concept of mail having voices outside TV shows.

From $20 Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition in Origin Halloween sale

Dreamweaver: ...I think he called my wife a whale. UP YOURS, BUDDY!

From Nintendo's first mobile app is Miitomo

Dreamweaver: He plans to make friends with his special brand of handmade bonding adhesive.

From Microsoft keeps insisting Kinect is the bee's knees, cuts price by $50

Dreamweaver: So what does the Kinect think when they see you two kissing?

Dreamweaver: Don't just barge in private conversations taking place in a public forum.

From Marathon gamers are 25% more likely to consider sleeping with a serial killer

Dreamweaver: He rigs the game so a hand always land on green. And sometimes feet when he's feeling extra kinky.

Dreamweaver: Can I have the other 75%?

From Halo boss: Cortana 'not really nude,' appears without clothes to 'attract and demand attention'

Dreamweaver: I don't know what it demands, but I'm willing to do whatever it wants.


From Review: Halo 5: Guardians

Dreamweaver: I'd watch that "Where are they now?" special!

From Please vote for 'appear offline' in Sony's new PS4 feature poll

Dreamweaver: He'd tell you, but then he'd have to kill you.

From No, No Man's Sky ain't coming out tomorrow

Dreamweaver: I keep looking for the game but I can't find it. DESTRUCTOID LIED TO ME!

Dreamweaver: What does that give you?

Dreamweaver: WHAT A TWIST.

From Street Fighter V gets a release date, Dhalsim joins the fray

Dreamweaver: ...You think she's single? What am I saying, of course she isn't. Not with a feature like that.

From Review: Assault Android Cactus

Dreamweaver: I always wondered what you were supposed to do with frog legs. Now I know.

Now I know.

From Nintendo announces a new account system and rewards program

Dreamweaver: I mean, it's not like it's filled with Panda Express's deliciously crispy orange chicken best served over their fluffy white rice.

*Totally not sponsored by Panda Express

From Respawn: 'Next year is going to be a very big year for Titanfall'

Dreamweaver: WHAT A TWIST.

No, seriously, his wife's a flexible slut. Her "spread eagle" was more of a pretzel.

From If a Small Soldiers situation ever happened, this massive Zero would be terrifying

Dreamweaver: You mean he spilled his small soldiers?

From Halo devs will 'talk about' split-screen co-op for the next game

Dreamweaver: Let porn control your life instead. With enough training, you CAN move an ice cream truck with your bare hands for when you eventually discover time travel.

From Xenoblade Chronicles X localizations to have less skimpy outfits

Dreamweaver: Can't beat those prices!

Dreamweaver: As do I, Zen. As do I.

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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