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Comments of the Week - This tastes funny


Hey, there, folks! Welcome back to Comments of the Week, where yours truly set out to collect the best comments I could find that's been said by you, the community. Whether yor were out last week, or want to take a look back in time, you've come to the right spot. As always, comments are delivered in three flavors:

TRUTH: like vanilla, you can't go wrong.

LOL: like strawberry, you can't help but smile.

WUT?: like tutti-fruiti, you can't help but wonder what the hell that's supposed to mean.

In case you missed last week's shenanigans (do people still use that word?), you can follow this link to see what the what's been said.

From Being sore about Skyward Sword inspired a great comic book

Dreamweaver: I feel like this is something straight out of an anime about otakus.

From Uwe Boll: F*ck you, crowdfunding is dead

Dreamweaver: If people aren't giving you money to make something, I'm 35% sure they don't want it.

From Capcom announces Mega Man Legacy Collection

Dreamweaver: The catch is, Capcom never made the pre-orders available in the first place!

Dreamweaver: Quick, release it before they come to their senses! Maybe ask them for a new Darkstalkers while we at it!

From Review: Massive Chalice

Dreamweaver: Am I the only one who sees the potential for an Assive Chalice joke?

Dreamweaver: Does the gun have to be real, or will the NES Zapper will do?

From There's no way I'm playing Fortnite with randoms

Dreamweaver: Hey, he's trying the best he can with what he had, okay!

From Oh, right, Super Meat Boy is going to break me

Dreamweaver: It's the fourth best thing you could have sprayed onto your face.

From It looks like Lucas and Mewtwo are also getting amiibo

Dreamweaver: Any quicker and they'll beat me in an ejaculation contest, hands down.

From Call of Duty still entrenched in its last-gen ways

Dreamweaver: I'm surprised we didn't get an HD remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, considering how many players love that one...

Dreamweaver: To be fair, I wouldn't mind being breastfed by Bayonetta while I call her mommy.

From What every amiibo looks like with a party hat

Dreamweaver: Even he can't make a joke outta this!

From Halo 5 campaign doesn't have splitscreen co-op

Dreamweaver: Seriously, what non-pretentious person would ever say "legacy feature" in a normal conversation? That's like if I walked around the ghetto speaking Latin.

From This year's Steam summer sale is a real monster

Dreamweaver: That's everysummer to me. Thank Goddess, I wasn't born before videogames was invented.

From Sega promoting Alien: Isolation with scary eels

Dreamweaver: Because now you do it for fun, am I right?

Dreamweaver: "Fuck it, good enough." One day, a woman will say that to me before she goes to sleep.

From Doujin fighter Yatagarasu finally arrives July 7

Dreamweaver: Where do the voices come from? Do the boobs slap each other like Morse code, or do they flap like lips? Or maybe they speak through their nipples... hey, if I licked them, would that be like French-kissing? What, what if the boobs' voice ain't the same as the girl, and I lick them and hear like a burly, deep-voiced dude respond?

From Remedy taking a (Quantum) Break from E3 this year

Dreamweaver: Just like the real 70s Bush would do.

From Watch IGA play Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Dreamweaver: You're supposed to see a doctor after four to six hours.

From Mirror's Edge Catalyst trademarked by EA

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, Mantis.

From Disney Infinity exec slams amiibo shortages

Dreamweaver: You really wanna go after a guy with a dead man in his pear tree? Then again, amiibo makes people do crazy things.

From Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden rated in AU, western release likely

Dreamweaver: You never cease to amaze me, internet.

From Hulk takes a selfie in this LEGO Avengers trailer

Dreamweaver: Great, now I'm going to have to "like" all of his photos. He takes rejection as seriously as high schoolers.

From Witcher 3 sold 4 million in two weeks

Dreamweaver: Love that wordplay.

Dreamweaver: It's funny because it's true.

From If a new Metroid is announced at E3, I will get this obnoxious haircut

Dreamweaver: If you creampie, then it's called a clam canyon because it has pearls deep inside.

From Female Link to be in Hyrule Warriors 3DS!?

Dreamweaver: Isay WHA...?

From Platinum teasing continues with a Vanquish screenshot

Dreamweaver: Gotta Han(cock) it to him, that was funny.

From Double Woolly Yoshi! Double Woolly Yoshi! Double Woolly Yoshi!

Dreamweaver: I tried doing the same thing to his wife too. Received an entirely different injury.

Dreamweaver: "Massive amount?" Like Nintendo made more than ten of them.

From It looks like even more Xbox One exclusives will skip E3

Dreamweaver: A dungeon is a man's home.

From Indie dev reports feeling a negative impact from Steam refund policy

Dreamweaver: You'd think that at first, but once you've been in enough vans, you start to enjoy it and go looking for them.

From May I have a word with you, Jonathan Holmes?

Dreamweaver: Damn, man, I got my "bundle of joy" for $7.63. Took about 9 months to ship though, but I had a hand in making it!

From Check out Red Hood in action in Batman: Arkham Knight

Dreamweaver: Why would he need to wash his hands? He's already in the shower!

From Horror and secrecy need to be better bedfellows

Dreamweaver: Because of their drunken brawl, we will never did find out who the fuck Zach Furniss is.

From reddit's button game is finally over

Dreamweaver: I'm willing to bet they're both related. Like, we know we're fucked against the lizard people, so we saved all the kitties. That way, when the next race achieve interstellar internet, we can see all the cute cat videos.

From Volume gets a release date and trailer for PC, PS4, and Vita

Dreamweaver: Then what have you been using them for!?

From Fantastic Boyfriends $999 reward has Ogre chest mousepads

Dreamweaver: I have a feeling I'm gonna try to grab a mouse and end up feeling a joystick.

Dreamweaver: His apartment was haunted.

From My first three hours with Street Fighter V were immensely satisfying

Dreamweaver: ...Yo, what's her number?

Alright, that's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this edition, and I hope we'll meet again soon!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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