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Comments of the Week - The "Why am I not playing Splatoon right now?" edition


Welcome back to Comments of the Week, blah blah blah, you know the deal. I'll be honest, I actually thought about skipping this week so I can spend more time playing Splatoon. That game is so damn addictive, I've thought about skipping sleep, skipping meals, skipping "other things", just to squeeze as many hours out of it as I could. However, duty calls me to return to you fine folks... and it's not because the damn Gamepad has to charge. No sir.

Anyway, as always, comments are put into three sections:

TRUTH: ...The Gamepad had to charge.

LOL: Come on, you gotta admit, that was pretty funny.

WUT?: Until you realize it would've meant no CotW this week.

In case you missed last week's Comments of the Week, you can check it out right here. The bounty is still active, because no one actually sent me anything, so high-fives are still available!

From Lords of the Fallen to get a Game of the Year Edition

Dreamweaver: If this is anything like my purchase of the demo for Final Fantasy XV, I probably still wouldn't play Lords of the Fallen.

Dreamweaver: Well, they certainly wouldn't be lying.

Dreamweaver: Too much honesty, too much honesty!

From Tychus' cigar isn't in Heroes of the Storm

Dreamweaver: Gosh darn it, DKUmaro!

From Project CARS boss: 'We're running at about 23FPS on Wii U'

Dreamweaver: BURN! Speaking of...

From Watch an Xbox Avatar shove Hot Pockets up its ass

Dreamweaver: To this day, I still don't ever use the crispy sleeves when I microwave Hot Pockets...

From The Witcher almost didn't star leading man Geralt

Dreamweaver: Mike Martin sounds like a porn star name. If he was black, he'd be called M&M because he melts in your mouth.

Dreamweaver: If I was a hot chick, I'd do me.

From GOG refusing to sell Hatred

Dreamweaver: I know, right?

Dreamweaver: Oh, I got a Wild West alright...

From The PS4 version of Darksiders II is called the 'Deathinitive Edition'

Dreamweaver: Someone has a career in marketing.

From Large shipment of UK copies of Splatoon stolen, GAME heavily affected

Dreamweaver: Amiibos are the real money's at.

From You'll need about $1,500 to go all in with Oculus Rift

Dreamweaver: Prostitute fees are always justified!

From Tickets for Sony's E3 Experience events available now

Dreamweaver: Don't all rush for tickets, now.

From Steam's summer sale is apparently coming June 11

Dreamweaver: They called it Steam because they know it never runs out...

From Splatoon's servers have held up fairly well at launch

Dreamweaver: Either or works.

From Star Citizen had 40GB of assets leaked, and dang they're huge

Dreamweaver: Data dick jokes.

From Street Fighter V will be playable for the first time next month

Dreamweaver: Of COURSE!

From League of Legends debuts near-instant punishment system for toxic players

Dreamweaver: They wouldn't even let him make an account! (

Dreamweaver: Canadian, rude? Impossible, they canuck do it.

From Final Fantasy was almost called Fighting Fantasy: Creator explains actual reason behind the name

Dreamweaver: I play "efu efu" all the time. Usually girls say that to me, but in a not sexy way.

Dreamweaver: There's gotta be a hentai with a name like that.

From You too can create this unholy monstrosity with amiibo in Yoshi's Woolly World

Dreamweaver: You guys never make me yarn.

Dreamweaver: He even kept the mustache; he knows the disguise wouldn't work otherwise!

From Review: Starless: Nymphomaniacs' Paradise

Dreamweaver: The scariest one yet!

Dreamweaver: There's a hidden penis joke.

Dreamweaver: Self-explanatory.

Dreamweaver: The best use of the Gardevoir meme I've ever seen.

From Very Quick Tips: Splatoon

Dreamweaver: ONLY across the room? Amateurs, man...

From The great Wave 4 amiibo hunt is on today, and it's about what we expected

Dreamweaver: Quick, someone work with me to do a Amiibo adventure visual novel!

Dreamweaver: Someone I know has the purrfect response.

From Oops: An Austrian retailer leaked images of the new Xbox One controller

Dreamweaver: Camo believe you said that.

From Rumor that Microsoft is buying Silent Hills for billions is ridiculous

Dreamweaver: They get to finger all the females then. :(

From Resident Evil 0 Remastered revealed, arrives early 2016

Dreamweaver: Oh, gosh, it's starting...

Dreamweaver: Soon, they'll spread to other countries!

From 12 minutes of the Final Fantasy fighter Dissidia

Dreamweaver: You thought he'd recognize it by now!

Dreamweaver: What, what did you think he was gonna say?

From Battlefield Hardline's new add-on trailer has shades of Hotline Miami

Dreamweaver: I don't go to family reunions without one!

From You can fly off Pikes Peak in DiRT Rally

Dreamweaver: I always knew there was something devious behind Jordan's smile.

From Sony exec calls Vita a 'legacy platform'

Dreamweaver: Yuo can't beat unlimited fish heads!

From Nintendo Download: Mega Man May concludes with Battle Network 4 and Zero 3

Dreamweaver: ...I'm never coming over to visit.

From Brilliant puzzle roguelike Desktop Dungeons now portable

Dreamweaver: ...Do you sleep naked?

From Wave 4 amiibo launch a bust after only 10 people trampled to death

Dreamweaver: Guess you got something to think about, then?

Alright folks, that's the end of this edition of Comments of the Week. Now, y'all ain't got to go home, but I'm getting the hell out of here. Splatoon, baby, here I come!

- "Petals dance for our valediction and synchronize to your frozen pulsation... Swirling wind sings for our reunion and 9.8 is my acceleration." - Mili

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